Days of Our Lives 11-25-19 Recap 25th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19

Days of Our Lives 11-25-19 Recap 25th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-25-19,

Abby caught Eli looking at Chad’s computer. Eli said he was doing security maintenance. Abby stopped him when he tried to rush out. They talked about Chad and whether they should trust him. Eli let brought up how Chad had her in a psych ward. Abby said she trusted Chad. She said Gabi destroys men when her feelings were hurt. He said he wasn’t worried about it.

Chad went to meet who he thought was Stefano. It turned out to be Rolf. Chad asked if he was pretending to be Stefano. Rolf said he wasn’t. He said he was giving a message. He told Chad to put Abby on a leash. Chad said he wouldn’t do that. Chad said Abby did what she wanted. Rolf told him that he would be in his rightful position as CEO soon.

Days of Our Lives 11-25-19 Recap 25th November 2019

Clyde met Ben in the visitor room. Ben asked Clyde to call off the kidnapping. Ben said Clyde couldn’t trust Ray. Clyde was suspicious. Clyde said he didn’t tell Ben about Ray. Ben said he saw him texting Ray. Ben said Ray was crazy.

Ciara was shocked that Ray woke up. Ray said she tricked him. Ciara shoved him. She hit him in the head with a plant. She took Mickey and left.

Xander went to the police. He gave Gina his confession. Nicole was shocked that Eric proposed. He said it wasn’t the most romantic proposal. She said nothing would make her happier. She said she couldn’t keep the secret from him. She said he was Mickey’s father and not Xander.

Eric was shocked at what Nicole’s confession. She told him what was going on. She told him that she has known for over a year. He was furious with her for not telling him about his child. He left.

Ciara brought Mickey to the park. She called Rafe from a burner phone. She used a fake accent to talk to him. She said where to find Mickey.

Rafe called Sarah, Xander and Hope about Mickey. Gina comforted Sarah.Gina gave her Xander’s confession to hold for later. Xander followed Rafe. They found Mickey.

Ciara went to see Ben. He was mad that she went off by herself to find the baby. She said it was over. She said Mickey was home. Ben was happy and called her amazing. She said she wanted him home. He said Xander didn’t confess. She said she would keep looking.

When Clyde came back, Ben told him what Ciara did. Clyde was shocked. Clyde said Ben had to count on him to get out of prison. Ben said he was using him to get himself out of prison.

Gina went back to the loft. She couldn’t find Stefano. She thought he risked everything to see Chad. Rolf showed up. They didn’t know where Stefano was. When Stefano came back, Gina said she was glad he didn’t meet Chad. She said. Chad would have been in for a shock.

Chad told Abby that he didn’t meet Stefano. Chad said Rolf showed up with a message for her. He said Rolf told him that she was trying to push her position. He said he was going to be in control soon. She said it felt like Stefano was trying to make him choose between her and him. Chad said they were a team. He said he wanted to take over DiMera. She told him that Eli was snooping around. They talked about how Eli changed. Eli was listening to them.

Days of Our Lives 11-25-19 Recap 25th November 2019.


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