Days of Our Lives 11-25-21 Recap 25th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 11-25-21 Recap 25th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 11-25-21,

Paulina told Chanel that she apologized. Chanel thought Paulina would be mad at her. Paulina said she was the one who told the truth when she didn’t. She said she was the one who was sorry. She said she called Chanel a liar. Chanel said she couldn’t believe Paulina was actually admitting to be wrong. Paulina said she was eating crow.

Julie brought Doug home from the hospital. Shawn said he couldn’t stop her from bringing him home. Belle asked Kayla if it was a good idea that Doug was out of the hospital. Julie showed Kayla the medication Doug was on. She said the dosage was too high. Julie said Marlena was the one who prescribed the medication. Steve asked Johnny about Marlena and her behavior. Marlena told Susan that she wasn’t going to kill John. The devil said Susan was going to kill him.

Days of Our Lives 11-25-21 Recap 25th November 2021

A possessed Marlena orders Susan to kill John. Julie has an emotional reunion with Doug. An angry Paulina tangles with the Devil. Steve gets a lead on John. There will be no episode today. The next new episode will be on Tomorrow.

Steve asked Johnny about seeing Marlena at the DiMera crypt. Johnny said she was dressed in the devil costume. He said she was dressed like that in honor of his film. Steve asked why she did it. Johnny said she did it for his grandfather Stefano. Steve asked why she would that for Stefano. Johnny said he was the one who first realized she was possessed. Susan told the devil that she wouldn’t kill John. The devil told her that she would kill her grandson if she didn’t kill John.

Julie told Kayla that Doug wasn’t taking anymore pills. She said he wasn’t going back to Bayview. Paulina said Chanel thought she loved Lani more than she loved her. Paulina said that wasn’t true. Chanel said she thought Paulina wanted her to be more like Lani. They bonded with each other about the past. Paulina told her that she would always be her baby. They talked about Marlena and how weird she was acting at the wedding. 

Julie told Doug he knew her. She said he was her guy and she was his girl. She sang a song to him. She asked if he knew the song. She said they sang it together. She said she knew he knew her. She asked him to come back to her. Belle and Shawn talked about Doug. Shawn wanted to know what she thought his grandfather would be scared of. Belle said John told her Marlena tried to attack Doug and Julie.

Steve asked Johnny why Marlena didn’t want him to go into the crypt. Johnny said she told him a rodent was in the crypt. Steve asked him if Marlena said anything about John. Johnny said she didn’t. He wanted to know why Steve wanted to know. Steve said he was just asking questions. Susan said she didn’t want to kill John. John said he knew she was afraid for her son. She said she was. He said the devil wasn’t going after EJ. When Marlena was going in her apartment, Paulina showed up. Paulina told her she had a bone to pick with her.

Paulina told Marlena that she ruined her life by telling Chanel her secret. Marlena said Chanel felt like she didn’t care about her. Paulina said it wasn’t her secret to tell. Marlena said she didn’t mean any harm. She thought she was doing the right thing by Chanel. She said she would never hurt Abe. John told Susan that the devil wasn’t going to do anything to EJ. He said the devil wanted to control Susan. Susan said she didn’t have a choice. Paulina threatened to ruin Marlena’s career. Marlena said she would never have her family or Abe back so she didn’t matter if she went after her. When Paulina told her she wasn’t finished with her and called her a b*tch, the devil called Paulina a b*tch.

Marlena told Paulina to leave. Paulina rushed away. Belle called Marlena and told her she wasn’t in charge of Doug’s care anymore. Marlena thought it wasn’t a good idea for her to do that. Belle said she did it already.She said Julie and Doug were home. Marlena was furious when she found out Doug and Julie were home. Kayla called Steve and told him Doug was home. Steve went to the DiMera crypt. He picked up a shovel and tried to open the door. Susan said the devil returned. She told John she was sorry. She raised the knife to John as if she was going to stab him.

Days of Our Lives 11-25-21 Recap 25th November 2021.


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