Days of Our Lives 11-29-21 Recap 29th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 11-29-21 Recap 29th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 11-29-21,

Brady and Maggie talked about Chloe. He told her Chloe admitted to having feelings for him. Maggie said he was in love with Kristen. He said he was always going to love Kristen. He said she was never going to change. He said he thinks she’s going to change, but she never does. While they were talking, he brought up Philip. He said Philip gets upset whenever he sees him with Chloe. Maggie asked if he did anything to upset Philip. Brady said he didn’t, but he didn’t think he was the right man for Chloe. Maggie asked if he was waiting for their relationship to implode. He said he didn’t do anything. He said he wasn’t going to interfere in their relationship. He said it hurt knowing that they could have been together if it weren’t for Philip.

Chloe told Philip she wanted to talk about Brady. Philip wanted to know why she wanted to talk about Brady. She said she knows about him and Lucas catching her going in the Salem Inn with Brady. Philip asked how she knew about it. She said Brady told her. She said Lucas confronted him about it. She said she would have told him sooner, but she wanted to wait until he brought it up before she said anything. She said it’s been weeks and he hasn’t said anything.

Days of Our Lives 11-29-21 Recap 29th November 2021

Marlena draws Ben and Ciara into her web of lies. John is desperate to find Marlena. Maggie comes to Brady’s aid. Philip tries to get Chloe to confess her “affair” with Brady.

The devil disguised himself as John to get into Ben and Ciara’s apartment. He said he wanted to go after Marlena. He said he was going to kill her. Ben told him to go home. “John” said he wanted to go after Marlena. He said he was going to kill her. He kept banging on the door. He continued to tell Ben to open the door. Ciara told him to close the door. Ben ended up closing the door on him. The devil changed back into Marlena. 

Maggie told Brady that she wanted to give him advice. He said it couldn’t be worse than Marlena’s advice. She wanted to know what Marlena said. He said she told him to take Chloe on the conference table and ravage her. Maggie asked if Marlena said that. He said she did. She said that didn’t sound like Marlena. She said something has gotten into Marlena. He agreed not to say anything bad about Philip since he was her stepson. She said she loved him and Philip. She said they couldn’t both have Chloe.

Philip told Chloe that he didn’t say anything about seeing her with Brady because he didn’t think anything happened. She said nothing happened. She said Brady helped her with her luggage. He said he thought that was what happened. She said she had another confession. She said she thought Philip would have a jealous rage. She said she was relieved when he didn’t have a fit. She said it meant that he finally trusted her. He said trust was an important thing in a relationship. 

When “John” left, the devil came out. Ben and Ciara told her he was gone. They couldn’t believe that it was John. She said she couldn’t believe that was her husband. She said she didn’t have anyone else to rely on. She mentioned the kids, but they weren’t around. Ben and Ciara didn’t know what to do. Marlena said she had an idea. She said the only solution was to go out of town. Ben asked if she wanted them to leave town with her. She said just for a little while. She said John would find her if she went alone. She realized that they had a lot going on in Salem. She wanted to leave them alone to talk about it. Ciara wasn’t convinced they should leave town, but Ben talked her into it.

Days of Our Lives 11-29-21 Recap 29th November 2021.


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