Days of Our Lives 11-30-21 Recap 30th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 11-30-21 Recap 30th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 11-30-21,

Chad told Kristen the judge was sending her back to Statesville. He told her not to escape again. She said she wouldn’t leave. She said she would hire more lawyers so she could appeal. She asked him to get her something to eat. When he left, she took his phone.

Kristen called Gwen. Kristen threatened to tell Xander about Sarah if she didn’t break her out of jail. Gwen said she would help her, but she didn’t know how to. Kristen said she would get her some help.

Kristen called Ava to ask for help. Ava said she wasn’t going to risk what she had with Rafe. Kristen threatened to tell Rafe about the last time she helped her escape. Kristen told her what she needed to do.

Gwen lied to Xander about her call. She said she was talking to Chad. She said he was insulting her for what she did to his family. Xander said Chad should move on because he still had love in his life unlike some people. She wondered if he was talking about himself. He said he wasn’t. He said he moved on from Sarah.

Days of Our Lives 11-30-21 Recap 30th November 2021

A vulnerable EJ opens up to Nicole. Sami tries to cajole her guard into revealing the identity of her captor. Kristen recruits two allies to help her escape police custody. Susan has an expected visitor.

Ava went to see Gwen. Ava told her she was going to be working with her. EJ was by Susan’s side at the hospital. He apologized for everything. Nicole checked on him. He told her Susan was scared of the devil coming back. She asked if Susan had a breakdown. They went out in the hall to talk.

EJ told Nicole what happened with Susan. He thought it was a delusion at first, but Steve believed Susan’s story. He said after all the years he was ashamed of her, she was willing to sacrifice her life for his.

EJ broke down and cried. Nicole comforted him. He was embarrassed that she saw him like that. She said it made him vulnerable and attractive. He said that didn’t get him anywhere with Sami. Nicole thought it was weird he hasn’t heard from Sami. He said he pushed her away. He said he was cruel. He said he was emotionally abusive for a year.

EJ told Nicole that Sami fought for him after he gave up on life. He said he was a monster to her. He said he was grateful for what Sami has done, but he wasn’t able to tell her because he pushed her away. He said she stayed away. Nicole said it sounded as if he regretted his decision. He said he didn’t regret anything after she cheated. He said he was moving on.

Sami banged on a door and demanded to be let out. A guard named Jason told her he wanted his phone back. He said he would do something worse if she didn’t. She gave it to him. She asked him to let her be with her family. She gave it back to him. He checked her phone to see who she called. She said she called her mother and husband.

Jason told Sami that he reads the tabloids. He said he knew EJ dumped her. She said he would still pay the ransom. He said his boss wasn’t interested in money. She wanted to know who it was. He said she would never find out. When he left and came back to bring her food, she hit him on the back of the head. She ran out of the room. 

Days of Our Lives 11-30-21 Recap 30th November 2021.


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