Days of Our Lives 11-6-19 Recap 6th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-6-19

Days of Our Lives 11-6-19 Recap 6th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-6-19,

Gina pushed Jennifer off of the balcony. Jack wanted her to get help. He wanted to find out what happened. Abe went to Lani to find out what happened with the wedding. Lani didn’t want to talk about it. Gabi tried to comfort Eli. Gina took the flashdrive out of the computer. She said she was sorry for what she did to Jennifer, but she didn’t have a choice. Before she could leave, Rafe showed up.

Gina told Rafe that Jennifer fell off the balcony. He said he knew. She asked if Jennifer was dead. He said she was alive. He said JJ and Haley were taking care of her. He asked Gina what happened. The ambulance was coming to get Jennifer.

Lani told Abe that there was nothing he could do to make things better. He said he loved Eli like a son, but his loyalty would be to her. He asked if Eli hurt her. She said no. She said Eli was the most wonderful man she knew. She said he loved her.

Gabi told Eli that Lani wasn’t worthy of him. He didn’t believe that. She said Lani wasn’t worthy of it after what she has done. He wondered if Gabi was concerned about herself. He said she blamed Lani for Stefan’s death. Gabi said she blamed her and forgave her. Gabi said she gave Julie Stefan’s heart. He said he was grateful for her giving Julie Stefan’s heart, but she was acting like she expected Lani to dump him.

Gabi was upset that Eli was trying to blame her when she was trying to help. She said he could figure it out on his own. He apologized to her. He got a call. He said it was Julie. He said he didn’t want to talk to her because she was going to ask about the wedding. Lani told Abe she couldn’t do anything about the wedding. He wanted to know what she was talking about.

Days of Our Lives 11-6-19 Recap 6th November 2019

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Gina told Rafe that she didn’t know what happened. He asked if she was there. She said she was on the elevator and didn’t see what happened. She said she had to go, but he stopped her. Jennifer was at the hospital. Jack wanted to know if she was going to be okay. Kayla made him leave the room.

Lani told Abe that she couldn’t reach out to Eli because it was too late. She said his family hated her now. She said especially Julie. Abe said Julie would understand. Lani said at least Julie got a new heart and would be able to see her grandson get married to someone other than her. He told her to try and work it out, but she didn’t want to.

Rafe questioned Gina about what happened to Jennifer. He asked if Gina saw anyone there. She said no. He wanted to know why Jennifer fell. Gina said she wanted to go to the hospital to be there for Jennifer. He understood that she wanted to be there. He said when Jennifer woke up, she could tell them what happened. Jennifer woke up. She told Jack that she wanted to tell him something.

Eli went to see Julie. He told her what happened. Julie couldn’t believe Lani. Julie said Lani was crazy about him. Julie told him to find her and work it out. She said it was worth it. She said their love was worth it. He told her that he was going to find Lani. Julie said she was rooting for him.

Gina went to see Rolf. She told him that Jennifer knows that he turned Hope into her. Rolf said that was impossible. She said she saw the evidence. He said Jennifer would tell everyone. He said his plans would be ruined. Gina said they wouldn’t be. She said Jennifer took a fall. Jack and JJ told Jennifer that she was going to be okay.

Rolf couldn’t believe that Gina pushed Jennifer. She said she had to. She told him that Rafe was trying to investigate it. She said Rafe told her that she was married to him. Rolf said she was. She said he didn’t hold a candle to John, but she was able to convince him. Rolf was convinced that Jennifer would still say something. Gina said she would put a stop to it.

Lani went to the town square. She thought about Eli. Gabi showed up and taunted Lani. Lani asked if she was happy. Lani reminded her that she forced her to break up with Eli. Lani asked her how she could live with herself. Gabi said she lost her husband because of her. Lani punched her. Gabi said she shouldn’t have done that. Lani said she wasn’t going to hurt Julie over one punch.

Gina went to the hospital to check on Jennifer. When Jack and JJ didn’t answer her, she thought Jennifer was dead. Jack said she was still in the surgery. When Jennifer’s surgery was over, Kayla said Jennifer was in a coma.
Days of Our Lives 11-6-19 Recap 6th November 2019
Days of Our Lives 11-6-19
Next, Gina has a run-in with Rafe; Kayla and Haley work to save Jennifer’s life, and Julie is stunned when Eli tells her what happened at the wedding.

Days of Our Lives 11-6-19 Recap 6th November 2019.


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