Days of Our Lives 11-7-19 Recap 7th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-6-19

Days of Our Lives 11-7-19 Recap 7th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-7-19,

Kayla told Jack and JJ to go home. They wanted to stay until Jennifer woke up. Kayla said she didn’t know when that would be. Jack said he felt cheated. He wanted to know how Jennifer fell off the balcony. He put the engagement ring on her finger, but would wait to put on the wedding band.

Gina read about Jennifer’s fall. Gina told Stefano’s picture that she wasn’t a violent person. She said she looked guilty. She thought about pushing Jennifer off the balcony. Kayla called her. Gina pretended to be Hope and asked about Jennifer. Kayla told her that Jennifer was in a coma. Jack wanted to know what Hope had to say about what happened. Gina said she would be there.

Days of Our Lives 11-7-19 Recap 7th November 2019

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Nicole took out Sarah’s pregnancy results. Nicole thought about Xander telling her what would happen if Eric found out the truth. Nicole thought Xander was right. She said she could lose everything, but she couldn’t keep the truth from Eric.

Brady made Kristen breakfast in bed. Kristen thought it was sweet. She saw blood when she looked at the color. She said there was something wrong with the baby. He went to find Sarah. Sarah examined Kristen. Sarah said Kristen lost a little bit of blood and would be okay. Sarah said spotting isn’t unusual. Kristen said Sarah should know.

Sarah had some questions for Kristen. Kristen thought about Xander telling her that Sarah was pregnant. Kristen lied snd said Sarah being a doctor was how she knew. Xander said Kristen was too old to be having any babies. Maggie yelled at Xander. Brady attacked him. Maggie got in their way. Brady went to check on Kristen.

Brady found out what was going on with Kristen. He was told to take Kristen to the Obgyn. Sarah was ready to leave town. On her way out, she ran into Nicole.

When Gina went to the hospital to see Jennifer, Jack asked her what happened. Gina said she wasn’t there. She said she heard a scream from the elevator. Gina said it was a tragic accident, but Jack wasn’t sure he believed that. Gina said she might have been drunk. Jack said Jennifer didn’t drunk. He said Hope knew that. He said he thought Jennifer was pushed by Rolf. He said Jennifer had the flashdrive before she fell. He said it was gone. Jack and JJ decide to go to the town square to look for the flashdrive. Gina said she would stay with Jennifer.

Gina told Jennifer that she was sorry. Gina said she couldn’t let her wake up. She took a pillow and tried to smother.

Days of Our Lives 11-7-19 Recap 7th November 2019
Days of Our Lives 11-7-19
Next, Gina has a run-in with Rafe; Kayla and Haley work to save Jennifer’s life, and Julie is stunned when Eli tells her what happened at the wedding.

Days of Our Lives 11-7-19 Recap 7th November 2019.


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