Days of Our Lives 12-01-21 Recap 1st December 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 12-01-21 Recap 1st December 2021

Days of Our Lives 12-01-21,

Abe went to Lani’s apartment. He wanted to see her. Eli told him he didn’t know when she would be back. Lani went to see Kristen. Lani wanted to tell her goodbye. Kristen wanted to know what was going on with her. Lani told her her world was turned upside down. Kristen wanted to know what happened. Lani told her she found out Abe wasn’t her birth father. She said her whole life has been kind of a lie. Ava went to see Gwen. Ava told her they were working together. 

Xander reminded Susan about what she told him about Sarah. He said he caught Sarah with Rex. He said he broke his heart. He said he got over it and found somebody new. Susan said she didn’t know what he was talking about. She asked him when it happened. He said March. She said it couldn’t have been her because Kristen was pretending to be her. She said Kristen was the one who told him that.

Days of Our Lives 12-01-21 Recap 1st December 2021

Sami attempts to escape! Gwen and Ava strike up an uneasy alliance. Xander makes a stunning discovery. Lani visits Kristen at the Salem PD.

Allie told Lucas that Marlena was possessed. He said Sami would want to know what was going on with Marlena. Allie said Sami hasn’t kept in touch with anyone. She asked if he was worried about Sami. He said he was now. Sami got Jason’s keys and tried to unlock the door. She couldn’t find the key to the door right away. While she was trying to open the door, she broke the key in the door. 

Ava told Gwen that she got Kristen out of one jam. Gwen wanted to know what Kristen had over her. Ava said if Kristen said anything she would lose Rafe forever. Gwen said she was in trouble. Ava asked what Kristen had over her. Gwen said Kristen had information that could cost her the man she loved. Ava said they had to work together to keep Kristen quiet. Susan told Xander that Kristen was pretending to be her while she was in prison. He asked her when the switch happened. She said in February. He said he was going to go see Kristen.

Abe told Eli that he tried calling Lani, but she hasn’t returned his calls. Eli said Lani didn’t know what to say to him. Eli said she hasn’t returned any of Tamara’s calls. Lani told Kristen that her father was someone who abused her mother. Kristen asked why she thought Abe was her father. Lani said Tamara told her she had a brief affair with Abe. Kristen said she thought of everything. Lani said Tamara, Paulina and her grandmother cooked up the scheme. Kristen said she was worried about Abe while they were at the convent. Lani said he was mad at her and was worried about her. She said he has given her so much love and support. She said she couldn’t believe it was happening to her. She said she had the perfect father and now it hurts so much. 

Xander went to the police station. He told Rafe he wanted to see Lani. Rafe said she had a visitor. Xander said he would wait. Rafe said there wouldn’t be time. Xander said he wasn’t going anywhere until he spoke to Kristen. Gwen told Ava that she drugged Abby and slept with her husband. Ava was impressed, but that wasn’t going to help them. She said she wasn’t going to lose Rafe over this. Gwen said she didn’t want to lose Xander. Ava wasn’t impressed that she was dating Xander. 

Sami went into Jason’s pocket and found his phone. She tried to call someone, but got a busy signal. She tried calling someone she knew. Allie told Lucas that Marlena locked John up in the crypt. While she was talking to Lucas about Marlena, she got a call. Lucas wanted to know who the call was. She said it was an unknown number. When she answered the phone, she heard Sami’s voice. Allie asked Sami where she was.

Abe told Eli he lost his cool with Tamara. Eli understood why he lost his cool. Abe said he didn’t understand why Tamara and Paulina let him think he and Lani were father and daughter. Eli asked if Tamara said why she said he was the father. Abe said he was the only man who was around Tamara at the time so it fit. Eli said she felt lost both parents. 

Kristen told Lani that she and Abe were still family. Kristen said her family was like that. Lani said she was right. Kristen asked if she talked to Abe. Lani said she hasn’t had the courage to answer the phone, She said she didn’t think she could do it. Kristen told her they would get through this no matter what it took. 

Xander told Rafe he had to see Kristen. Rafe said he better see her at Statesville. Xander said he had to talk to her about Sarah. Lani came out of the interrogation room. Xander asked if she was free now. Ava and Gwen saw the prison guards from Statesville. Ava told them they weren’t going to take Kristen to Statesville. Sami told Allie that she needed her help. Sami told her she was kidnapped. Allie told Lucas that Sami was kidnapped. Lucas took the phone from Allie and started talking to her.

Ava told the guards that Kristen wasn’t going to Statesville. She said to take Kristen where she wanted to go. The guards said no one took orders from her anymore. She said she still had power. The guards told her they weren’t intimidated by her. Gwen told them she killed Carmine. Ava said they had people watching their families right now. Ava asked if they were going to cooperate with them. 

Xander went to see Kristen. He said she was the one who called and told him about Sarah. Kristen asked what she got out of telling him about Sarah. She said she had nothing to do with what happened with Sarah. Rafe told them the van was there. Kristen said she would tell him what he needed to know. 

Lucas asked Sami where she was. She said she didn’t know. She said she was locked away somewhere. She was afraid of what he was going to do to her if he woke up. Lucas told her to check the maps on the guards phone. While she was talking to Lucas, the guard woke up. She hit him on the head with a tray. After she hit him, she looked in his pockets.

Eli told Abe that he was the kids’ grandfather for as long as he was on the planet. Eli said he was the greatest father in law on the planet. Abe appreciated that. When he was about to leave, Lani showed up. Kristen told Xander that all she did was make a call to him. He asked if he did anything to Sarah. Kristen said she didn’t do anything. 

Lucas told Sami to go to Maps. She told him she couldn’t find it. He told her to do it. She said that was easy for him to say because he wasn’t the one kidnapped for months. Lucas asked if she was kidnapped for months. Allie said Sami didn’t ghost them for months. He said to send Allie the address from the google maps. He finally got her location. He said he was on his way to get her.

Days of Our Lives 12-01-21 Recap 1st December 2021.


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