Days of Our Lives 12-06-21 Recap 6th December 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 12-06-21 Recap 6th December 2021

Days of Our Lives 12-06-21,

Rafe and Ava talked about Kristen. He said the police van that Kristen was in crashed. He said Kristen was found. Ava said there was no way she did it by herself. He said he didn’t think she did either. He said he was looking at her accomplice. Gabi and Jake went to Victor to be CEO. Victor wanted to know why he should hire them. They said they were quite capable of handling the job. He told them he wouldn’t hire them. He said he would pick a member of his family. Chloe found Brady on the ground. He didn’t know what happened to him.

Rafe wanted to talk to Gwen and Xander. Xander said they were going to dinner. Rafe said Kristen was getting transferred to Statesville and never made it. He said he was going to have to take one into custody. Gwen asked why she was going to have to go. Rafe said he was talking to Xander. Xander wanted to know why he was getting questioned. Rafe asked if he wanted it done the easy way or the hard way. Xander asked if it was going to take long. Rafe said it wouldn’t if he confessed. 

Days of Our Lives 12-06-21 Recap 6th December 2021

Chloe stumbles upon a horrific scene at the riverbank. Gabi and Jake make a pitch to Victor. Rafe questions Xander about Kristen’s disappearance. Roman treats Kate to a romantic evening.

Gabi told Victor that he got rid of his relatives when they tried to run Titan. Victor said it was always a family business. He said there wasn’t a Kiriakis in the world who would want to run the business. Gabi told him none of his family would want to run the business. Victor told them they forgot about Brady. Chloe asked Brady if he saw Philip. Brady couldn’t answer her about Philip. He ended up passing out. She called for help.

Ava told Gwen that she thought Rafe was going to arrest her. Gwen said she wished he did because Xander was getting accused of doing something he didn’t do again. Ava wanted her to lower her voice. Gwen said she was the one person who could clear his name, but she couldn’t do it without implicating herself. Ava said that was quite a problem. Gwen said she only offered to help Kristen to keep Xander from going back to Sarah, but she was going to lose him anyway.

Xander wanted to know why Rafe was at the police station. Rafe said he helped Kristen escape. Xander asked why he thought he would help her. Rafe said he worked with Kristen before. Xander said that didn’t mean he would help her. Rafe said he went to see her. Xander said he went to see her to ask about Sarah. Rafe wanted to know how she would know about Sarah. Xander said it was none of his business. Rafe said it was his business if he used that as an excuse to help Kristen escape. 

Kayla told Chloe that she didn’t see anything wrong with Brady. Chloe said he was slurring his words. Kayla said she noticed a bump on his head, but she didn’t see anything. Gabi and Jake told Victor that Brady wouldn’t be interested in taking over Titan. They wanted to know who else he had in mind. Victor said Titan might not be run by someone with Kiriakis blood, but someone would run it. Victor wanted to know why he should hire two people who tried to run Titan to run the company.

Gwen was afraid of Xander getting in trouble. Ava told her to calm down. Gwen told her she had a right to be nervous. Ava told her she didn’t have to be nervous because Xander was innocent. Gwen was still nervous about him being in trouble. Gwen said she agreed to help Kristen so she wouldn’t say anything about Sarah. Ava said she thought Sarah left him for Rex. Gwen said she didn’t. 

Chloe told Kayla that Brady seemed confused when she talked to him. Kayla wanted to check on the CT results. Kayla said the blood on Brady wasn’t his. Kayla asked why she was with Brady. Chloe said she was looking for Philip. Kayla asked if she thought the blood was Philip’s. Chloe said the thought crossed her mind. When Chloe called Philip’s phone, she heard it ringing. She went in Brady’s pocket and found his phone. Kayla told Chloe that the blood on Brady wasn’t his. She said the blood was O positive. She asked Chloe if that meant anything to her. Chloe said that was Philip’s blood type.

Days of Our Lives 12-06-21 Recap 6th December 2021.


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