Days of Our Lives 12-14-21 Recap 14th December 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 12-14-21 Recap 14th December 2021

Days of Our Lives 12-14-21,

Sami showed up at Nicole’s place to see Allie. Nicole said she wasn’t there. Nicole tried to slam the door on her. Sami stopped her from closing the door. She brought up Nicole sleeping with her husband. Nicole pulled her in the apartment.

Nicole told Sami that she ruined her own marriage. Sami tried to slap Nicole. They got in a fight. Allie came in and wanted to know what was going on. They stopped fighting each other. Nicole left them alone.

Allie defended Nicole to Sami. Sami told her she found Nicole in bed with EJ. Allie stopped her from talking about Nicole. Allie wanted to talk about the things EJ did. She said Sami and EJ’s love was like being in prison without parole. Allie said there was something between Sami and Lucas. She said Lucas was Sami’s first love and could be her last. Sami said Lucas was a good guy and she loved him. She stopped talking. Sami thanked her for the advice before leaving.

Lucas saw Rafe at the town square. Rafe updated him on Philip. Lucas wanted to know why Brady hasn’t been arrested. Rafe said the police needed more evidence. He told Lucas to be patient. Rafe asked about Sami. Lucas said she was making a fool of herself over EJ even though she caught him in bed with Nicole. Lucas wanted Sami to open her eyes because he wanted her back.

Days of Our Lives 12-14-21 Recap 14th December 2021

At the cabin, John confronts a possessed Marlena. Susan gets EJ to open up about Sami. Sami and Nicole have a scratchy encounter. Ciara is horrified to learn the truth about Marlena.

Nicole wanted to know what Rafe and Lucas were talking about. Lucas said they were talking about Philip. He walked away. Nicole told Rafe she knew they were talking about her. She said everyone knew about her sex life.

Nicole told Rafe about her fight with Sami. He said he was sorry that she wasn’t happy. He said it was partly his fault. She said that was egotistical. She said what happened between them was over. He asked if it was. He kissed her.

Susan told EJ that she was worried about Ciara and the baby. EJ said she did everything she could. He said he wanted to look out for her. Susan brought up Sami’s name. He didn’t want to talk about Sami. He told her what Sami did. Susan told her to fight for Sami in order to save his soul.

EJ told Susan he didn’t love Sami anymore. Susan called him a spoiled brat. She told him to examine his conscience and asked if he loved Sami. She said there was still hope if he did. She told him to get himself together. She walked out of the room.

Marlena closed the cabin door on John, but he got inside. Ben told him to leave. John told Ben that Marlena was possessed. Malena raised her hand at John. She grabbed his neck. When she let go, Ben punched John.

When John woke up, he was in a chair. Marlena put a gag in his mouth. She pulled out a knife. Ben wanted to know what she was doing. She said she was making sure he never hurt her again. Ben stopped her from hurting John. She said they should go home and talk to the police.

Shawn told Ciara that Marlena was possessed. Ciara was shocked at wanted to go back to the cabin, but Shawn wouldn’t let her near Marlena. He said he would call Belle to stay with her. He gave her a safe word only Belle would know so Ciara would know it was Belle. Ciara told him to be careful.

Ben made sure John was tied to the chair. Ben asked Marlena if she was ready to go. Marlena said she was ready to take his baby. When Ben opened the door, Shawn was there. Shawn said Marlena was the devil. 

Days of Our Lives 12-14-21 Recap 14th December 2021.


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