Days of Our Lives 12-15-21 Recap 15th December 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 12-15-21 Recap 15th December 2021

Days of Our Lives 12-15-21,

Belle went to see Ciara. Ciara told Belle that Shawn was at the cabin with Marlena. Shawn tried to convince Ben that Marlena was possessed. Marlena told Ben not to listen to Shawn. Shawn said he would untie John and he would tell him the truth. Shawn said Marlena was possessed on Thanksgiving. He said her voice was different. He said she broke the cuffs he put on her. While he continued to convince Ben that Marlena was possessed, her voice changed.

Rafe kissed Nicole. Nicole slapped him. He wanted to know why she hit him. She said they were in the middle of the town square. She told him he had no right to question her feelings. He asked her how he was supposed to act. He said she acted like she wanted him to kiss her. He said he was sorry, but he didn’t know what to do with his feelings. She told him not to do it again or she would tell Ava. Ava showed up and wanted to know what Nicole was talking about. 

Days of Our Lives 12-15-21 Recap 15th December 2021

Marlena has a terrifying showdown with John, Ben, and Shawn. Sami pulls EJ into a steamy kiss. Allie encourages Lucas to rekindle his relationship with Sami.

Allie told Lucas that Sami wanted to be with him. He said Sami always goes back to EJ even though he slept with Nicole. Allie said she didn’t believe that Sami wanted to be with EJ. Lucas said Sami was going to be more determined than ever to fight for him. Sami told EJ that she wasn’t divorcing him. She tore up the divorce papers. Ciara told Belle that they took Marlena to the cabin because John was going to kill her. Belle told her John would never hit Marlena. Ciara told her Marlena was possessed. Belle couldn’t believe Marlena was possessed. 

The devil told Ben he wasn’t Marlena. Ben asked what he was talking about. Shawn wanted to know what he didn’t get. The devil told him it was like looking in a mirror. He told Ben he wanted his baby. Ben was confused by what the devil was telling him. The devil said he was looking forward to Ben and Ciara’s baby being born. Ben told him Susan tried to convince him that his baby was in danger, but he didn’t believe her. He realized the devil convinced him to have a baby with Ciara. The devil said a brain cell was detected. The devil said he wanted to take the baby.

Allie told Lucas if she caught her husband in bed with another man she would leave. He said he wanted her to feel that way. He said Sami was different. He told her Sami was upset that Philip gave the letter Kristen wrote telling EJ she slept with him. Allie said it wasn’t his fault Philip gave Nicole the letter. She asked how Philip was. Lucas said he didn’t know. Sami told EJ that he loved her. He said he didn’t love her anymore. Sami said Nicole wasn’t better than her. He said Nicole was better in bed.. Sami couldn’t believe he said that to her. She pulled him in a kiss.

Ava wanted to know why Nicole and Rafe were with each other when they agreed to stay away from each other. Nicole said they ran into each other in the square. Ava appreciated them telling her the truth. After Sami and EJ kissed, she told him they were never getting divorced. He told her to stop throwing herself at him. She said wasn’t throwing herself at him. Belle told Ciara she was going to the cabin. Ciara didn’t want Belle to go. Ciara said she was the one who should go because the devil wouldn’t hurt her since he was after the baby. Belle told her she wasn’t going.

Ben reminded the devil that he was evil. Ben said he would be able to stop the devil. The devil pulled out a necktie and threw it at him. The necktie was strangling Ben. John told Marlena not to let the devil do this to her. Marlena looked at him. Sami told EJ that he forgave her when she shot him in the head. She said her sleeping with Lucas was a three. She said she nursed him back to health and made him the man he has become. She reminded him of the way he treated her. He asked her why she didn’t leave him. She said she loved him.

Shawn tried to get the necktie off of Ben. John told Marlena to fight the devil. The devil told them to give it up because they were no match for him. When he was about to leave, Belle showed up and hit him in the head with a rock. The devil passed out on the floor.

Days of Our Lives 12-15-21 Recap 15th December 2021.


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