Days of Our Lives 12-16-21 Recap 16th December 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 12-16-21 Recap 16th December 2021

Days of Our Lives 12-16-21,

Eli got a call from the diver that there was no other evidence of Philip in the river. Melinda came in and ordered him and Lani to arrest Brady. They told her they wouldn’t do it. They said there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest him. Melinda yelled at them for doing their jobs. Melinda reminded Lani that she helped Kristen escape.

Rex and Roman told Kate they would get through Philip’s death. She was upset about Brady. Rex said there was no proof Brady did anything ti Philip. She yelled at Rex. She said Philip didn’t know she loved him. She got a call from Melinda. Melinda wanted her to come to the police station.

Maggie found Victor holding Philip’s picture. He told her that Philip couldn’t be dead. He said he had to see him again to apologize to him for the way he treated him. Melinda called him down to the station.

Kate and Victor met at the interrogation room. Melinda came in and said there was no evidence about Philip’s death. She said she could arrest Brady if there was proof. She said they needed to sign papers declaring Philip dead. She left so they could talk.

Days of Our Lives 12-16-21 Recap 16th December 2021

Gwen tries to keep Xander from running into Rex. Eli and Lani fend off pressure from D.A. Trask. Victor and Kate are faced with a difficult decision. Chloe tries to help Brady remember what happened to Philip.

Victor told Kate he wasnt ready to accept that Philip was dead. Kate couldn’t accept it either. She said they had to accept that Brady put Philip at the bottom of the river. She said she wanted him arrested. She reminded him of all the things Brady has done. She told Victor to sign the paper.

Brady went to work after he got out of the hospital. He told Chloe about the whiskey found on his credit card bill. He said he didn’t remember buying or drinking them. He said he didn’t want to hide it from her, but he did buy a drink a couple of weeks ago. He said he didn’t drink it. She asked why he needed to drink. He said he did it because of his feelings for her. He wanted to go back to the river and try to remember what happened. She said she was going with him.

While Chloe and Brady were at the river where she found him. Brady flashed back to him telling Philip to get his hands off of him. Melinda showed up with Eli to arrest Brady. Eli put the cuffs on Brady.

Days of Our Lives 12-16-21 Recap 16th December 2021.


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