Days of Our Lives 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021

Days of Our Lives 12-22-21,

EJ, Sami and Paulina were shocked that Johnny and Chanel got married. EJ wasn’t thrilled with it. He thought that Chanel was after his money. Paulina told him that she didn’t need his money. EJ said that he controlled the purse strings. Philip was shocked that Lucas kidnapped Sami. Lucas said that he followed his advice. He told him what happened when he had her kidnapped. Belle told Shawn that Kate and Victor didn’t want Philip declared dead anymore. He also told her that Mardevil morphed into Steve and attacked Kayla. He thought that Mardevil was going after them. She was going after Jan.

Jan and Mardevil were in a hotel. Jan wanted to know what they were going to do. Mardevil wanted to make sure it worked because she keeps ending up in a coma. Jan wanted to marry Shawn. She told her that she would be doing the best part. She told Jan that she would be marrying Shawn. Jan was excited by the idea of having sex with him. Mardevil told her that when she had sex with Shawn he would betray his marriage vows. He thought his marriage would be destroyed. Jan reminded her that he hated her. She didn’t want him to be forced to make love to her. Mardevil reminded her that she locked him in a cage. She told Jan that she had a way to make him want her and make love to her.

Days of Our Lives 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021

Marlena and Jan concoct a scheme to punish Shawn and Belle. Chanel and Johnny defend their actions to Paulina, EJ, and Sami. EJ has a change of heart. Kate tries to prevent Roman from discovering the truth.
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Belle was upset that Mardevil was after them. She wanted to celebrate their anniversary regardless of the devil. Kate talked to Roman about not declaring Philip dead. She said it made her feel like she was giving up if she declared him dead. She said she didn’t believe he was dead. Roman got a message for a delivery so their conversation was cut short. Philip couldn’t believe Lucas took Sami to Wisconsin. Lucas told him that he had friends from prison who took her. Philip wanted to know about the endgame. He didn’t have a plan. He knew she would go back to EJ when she came home. 

EJ continued to express his displeasure of Johnny and Chanel getting married. EJ didn’t think he should have married her. Paulina defended Chanel, but she didn’t want her to do it. Chanel explained how she changed. Paulina wanted to make sure she wanted to be with him when she was kissing Allie not too long ago. Sami was shocked to hear that news. Chanel explained that she loved Allie as a friend. Sami asked her if Allie knew she was married. She said she didn’t tell her yet. She knew Allie would be happy for them. Chanel asked for her blessing. She said she couldn’t give it.

Lucas explained that he didn’t know what to do. He thought Nicole and EJ were getting together so he didn’t have to do anything until Sami got the phone. He heard the desperation in Sami’s voice so he wanted to save her. He said that she ran to EJ. He thought that Sami seeing EJ with Nicole would stop her, but she still wanted to be with him. Kate walked in and saw them talking to each other. Lucas said that he’s Philip’s brother so he had a right to know that he’s alive. They promised not to tell each other’s secrets.

Sami said Johnny was too young to get married. He went off and wondered why he wanted to get married since her marriage was a bad one. Jan sent Shawn a text so he responded. She was excited that he wrote back to her. Mardevil sent him a response and he read it out loud. Jan was worried that Shawn wouldn’t write back to her. Mardevil told her that he would be curious about the text. Shawn decided that he wanted to meet the person who texted him.

Lucas went to the police station and ran into Belle. He thought Rafe wanted to see him because of Philip. She told him it was about Sami’s kidnapping. EJ and Sami talked about Johnny being married. Johnny and Chanel talked about EJ cutting him off. He was determined to be with her anyway. He wanted to know if she would change the way she felt now that he’s cut off. Kate wanted Philip to commit to the treatment. She wanted him to focus on him. He said it wouldn’t screw things up. She told him that Victor had the jet fueled up. He wanted her to thank Victor for him.  

Days of Our Lives 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021.


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