Days of Our Lives 12-25-19 Recap 25th December 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19

Days of Our Lives 12-25-19 Recap 25th December 2019

Days of Our Lives 12-25-19,

Kate told Stefano that she was going to the party at the hospital. He wanted to know if Marlena would be there. John showed up at home and found out that Hattie was in his place. Ciara went to see Will at the prison. He realized he wasn’t the person she wanted to see. She told him about her plan to see Ben. Marlena was there to help her pull off her plan. Kayla talked to Roman about her run in with Kate. Roman couldn’t believe she treated Kayla the way she did. He regretted inviting Kate to the Christmas party. Kayla wanted to know if they were dating. He told her that he thought she was dating someone.

Days of Our Lives 12-25-19 Recap 25th December 2019

Kate told Stefano that she didn’t want him to go after Marlena. She reminded him that John and Marlena had enough trouble with Gina coming between them. John wanted to know why Hattie was at his place. She told him that she was invited. He wanted to know who invited her. She told him that Marlena did. Will was happy to see Marlena at prison. He realized that she wasn’t there to see him either. She said she was there to see Ben, but he was surprised to see her.

Ciara told Ben that Victor was on to them so they had to be more creative. Ben wanted to know what happened with Xander. She told him that she wasn’t worried about him because he was out of town. She wanted to focus on them. Will told Marlena that Ben was looking out for him. He said Ben was becoming a friend to him. She also talked to him about what was going on with Sonny. He let her know that he asked for a divorce. He explained why he asked Sonny for the divorce.

Kayla talked to Roman about Steve not getting in touch with her. Roman tried to make her feel better about what Steve did to her. He told her that she had a new love and she should focus on him. She told Roman that it was different for Justin because Adrienne died and would want him to be happy. She said that he didn’t have to deal with not knowing how her spouse felt. Kayla admitted that she felt like she was cheating on Steve when she’s with Justin. She said she kept thinking about the past holidays they spent together. 

John was surprised that Marlena would agree to let Hattie stay with them without talking to him about it. Hattie explained why Marlena agreed to it. He wanted to know where Marlena was, but she had trouble saying the name of it. Marlena thought Kate shouldn’t have told him about Sonny kissing someone else. Will didn’t want to keep Sonny from moving on with his life. He didn’t think he could make up for what he took from Sonny and his family. 

Kate saw Sonny with Evan and demanded to know why he was with him. She knew he went to see Will and wanted to know what he wanted. Sonny told him that Will gave him divorce papers. Ciara overheard Will’s conversation with Marlena. She was sorry that he was getting a divorce. Stefano showed up at the hospital dressed in Roman’s Santa outfit. Kayla read the kids a Christmas story. Stefano stood near Marlena. He put a gift inside of her bag. Stefano approached Marlena at the hospital and tried to flirt with her. Kayla watched him while he gave out presents and thought about Steve. She went after him. Roman showed up at the hospital. Kate wondered how he changed so fast. He told her how he wasn’t the one at the hospital. Stefano went to Marlena’s office looking for her. Kayla followed him and asked if he was Steve.

Days of Our Lives 12-25-19 Recap 25th December 2019.


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