Days of Our Lives 12-3-19 Recap 3rd December 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19

Days of Our Lives 12-3-19 Recap 3rd December 2019

Days of Our Lives 12-3-19,

Nicole told Brady that she hadn’t heard from Eric. She said she regretted lying to him. He said he loved her. She said he had terrible taste. Eric showed up to get a few things. He said he was staying with his father. Nicole asked him to forgive her. He said he missed the first year of his daughter’s life because of her.

Nicole said Eric was right. She said he couldn’t forgive her overnight. He said he could have been a father to Mackenzie and a husband to her. He said she broke what they had. He said she couldn’t put it back together. She gave him back the ring box.

Days of Our Lives 12-3-19 Recap 3rd December 2019

Victor said Xander didn’t write the confession to get the baby back. Xander thought about writing the confession and told Victor not to worry. Xander said Victor’s secret was safe. Victor didn’t think so. Xander said he would find out who took his baby. Victor said it was Eric’s baby. Xander said he still saw himself as Mickey’s father. He said Mickey did too. He said he wouldn’t step aside. Victor said things were going to change. Victor asked what would happen if Sarah found out Xander’s secret.

Sarah caught Ciara trying to drill in to Xander’s box. Ciara said there were old love letters in there. They ended up talking about Mickey and the kidnapping. Sarah was afraid that it would affect Mickey’s psyche. They talked about Eric being the father. Sarah said Xander is a good father. When Sarah left, Ciara drilled into the box.

Xander told Sarah that he still wanted to be in Mickey’s life. He said he loved her and Sarah. Eric showed up. He wanted to talk about custody. Xander wanted to give them space so they could talk.

Sarah apologized to Eric for not telling him about Mickey. She said she didn’t want him to be obligated to her. She told him to forgive Nicole. He said he couldn’t. He told her he would agree to shared custody under one condition.

While Ben and Clyde struggled over the shiv, Ben got cut. Will tried to help Ben with his cut. Clyde tried to help, but Will wouldn’t let him. Will called for the guard. The guard showed up and took Ben to the infirmary. Will and Clyde argued over what happened so he took Clyde to the infirmary.

Clyde wanted Ben to lie about what happened. Ben told the guard that he and his father fought over the knife. Ben said he was attacking his cellmate. Clyde said Ben shouldn’t have done that. Clyde was taken to solitary.

Brady ran into Victor. Victor wanted to move past their problems. Brady asked if he wanted to move past kicking him when he was down. Victor said he loved him. Brady brought up how he took the CEO position from him. Victor said he lost a child and didn’t think he could handle the job.

Xander went to see Nicole. He wanted to know why she told the truth about Mickey. She told him about Eric proposing to her. She said she couldn’t marry him with the lie hanging over them. Xander said Mickey would bring Eric and Sarah closer together. 

Days of Our Lives 12-3-19 Recap 3rd December 2019.


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