Days of Our Lives 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020

Days of Our Lives 2-17-20,

Julie was about to pronounce Eli and Gabi husband and wife when Lani interrupted the wedding. She let Eli know that she couldn’t let him marry Gabi. He was upset that she did that. He felt that he didn’t need her permission to marry Gabi. Rafe tried to stop Lani from talking. Gabi warned Lani not to finish. Julie tried to get in it, but Lani told Gabi it was over for her. Abe wanted to know what was going on. Lani took off her habit and told Gabi she would make her pay for her sins. Eli wanted Lani to get to the point about Gabi. He made a comment about her interrupting weddings.

Days of Our Lives 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020

Lani admitted that Gabi was the reason they didn’t get married. She told Eli that Gabi forced her to do what she did to him in a vicious way. Julie tried to defend Gabi to her. Lani tried to convince Eli not to marry Gabi. Eli asked her what Gabi did to stop their wedding. She told him that she wanted to kill Julie. Julie didn’t believe it. Lani said she left Salem to make things easier. She couldn’t stay away when she found out that he was marrying her. She told him that she would never have walked away from him after what they went through with David. Eli told her that Gabi saved Julie’s life. JJ encouraged Lani to tell the rest of it. Lani told him about the pacemaker. She told him that Gabi threatened to kill Julie if she married him. Eli demanded to know if Gabi did what Lani said. Gabi denied doing that. She tried to discredit Lani, but JJ confirmed what Lani said. He said that he saw the app on Gabi’s phone.

The guests wanted to see the phone. Gabi grabbed it before they could get it. Julie suddenly believed the story. She couldn’t believe that she thought Gabi changed. Gabi finally admitted it and thought that Eli deserved better than Lani. Julie yelled at Gabi for what she did. Gabi activated her pacemaker. She kept trying to do it until Rafe wanted to know what Gabi was doing.

Days of Our Lives 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020.


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