Days of Our Lives 3-17-20 Recap 17th March 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 3-17-20 Recap 17th March 2020

Days of Our Lives 3-17-20,

Ciara went to see Ben in Statesville. She told him that Evan was released. The judge thought Evan’s confession was coerced because she had him at gunpoint. Ben was upset because he had to stay in prison while Evan was free. She assured him that she would let him know when David was found. They were determined to work things out. She walked out and Clyde showed up. They talked about Evan. Ben mentioned Evan’s real name and he recognized it. Ben asked him if he knew Jordan’s baby’s father.

Days of Our Lives 3-17-20 Recap 17th March 2020

Evan told Orpheus how David kept asking for Rafe. Orpheus told him to tell David the truth. He didn’t want to risk David repeating the truth. Orpheus talked to him about how hard it was to take care him and his sister. They continued talking about the type of father he was and how he didn’t want that for David. Rafe talked to Shawn about David being missing. Shawn assured him that they would find him. Shawn told him that Hope was having the surgery that day. Rafe regretted not having more time to focus on Hope.

Rolf went to Gina’s room. She wanted him to help her. He told her that she had to accept the situation. She wasn’t thrilled when she found out he was performing the surgery on her. She wanted him to pretend to take out the chip. She told him that no one would know she was still Gina. She said she would pretend to be Hope. He thought she wouldn’t be able to do that. He warned her that Kayla would be in the room while he took out the chip. He thought she would want the chip. Gina believed he could trick her. Jennifer and Kayla arrived so Gina complained about the people in her room. Kayla and Rolf prepared her for surgery. 

Shawn and Ciara arrived and waited for Hope to get out of surgery. Hope was taken back to her room after her surgery. She was unconscious when Ciara went to her room. She begged her to come back to them. Kayla told Shawn and Jennifer that Hope’s surgery was successful. Kayla gave Shawn the microchip. He wanted to take it to the station to have it analyzed. 


Days of Our Lives 3-17-20 Recap 17th March 2020.


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