Days of Our Lives 3-19-20 Recap 19th March 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 3-19-20 Recap 19th March 2020

Days of Our Lives 3-19-20,

Eric went to see John to find out if there’s any news about Marlena. John didn’t have any for him. John believed that Marlena had a chip implanted in her. He wanted to search for her again, but Eric thought he should rest first. John appreciated Brady and Eric being there for him. He went to the kitchen. Brady talked to Eric about Kristen. He apologized that she wanted to hold his daughter. He explained that she’s having a hard time dealing with Rachel. Eric wasn’t sure he could get over what she’s done. Brady assured him that she’s changed.

Days of Our Lives 3-19-20 Recap 19th March 2020

Stefano talked to Chad about the procedure not working on Marlena the way he hoped. He thought she was still holding on to the past. He was waiting for her to realize how much he loved her. He believed that once she feels the way he does, John won’t be a factor. Chad thought Marlena couldn’t be brainwashed. Stefano wasn’t happy with his wording and quickly corrected him. Chad wondered about John. Stefano questioned his loyalty to the family. He apologized to his father. Stefano changed the subject and wondered why he didn’t kill Gabi. He told him that he had to convince Rolf to turn Gina back to Hope so the police would stop chasing him. Stefano thought it was a good idea. He felt Gina wasn’t useful anymore. Stefano decided that he wanted Chad to gather most of the family for a meeting. Chad agreed to do it. Stefano reminded him to take care if Kate and Gabi. He grabbed the letter opener.

Xander let Victor know that Raynor suspected that Nicole was on to them. Victor wasn’t happy because he knew that she would never stop digging around for info. They realized she wouldn’t keep quiet. Maggie overheard part of their conversation. She confronted them about the secret. Xander told her that he proposed to Sarah and she accepted. She was happy for them, but she was upset that she won’t be there. She would be paying for what she did to Adrienne. She left to go to the hospital. Victor was upset with Xander over what happened. He warned Xander to take care of Nicole.

Nicole thought about Mickey’s birthmark. She didn’t think it necessarily meant she was Kristen’s baby. She also thought about the way Xander and Dr. Raynor were acting about it and she thought Eric wasn’t the baby’s father. Sarah overheard her talking about Eric not being Mickey’s father. Nicole said she doesn’t favor Eric. She wondered if Sarah had a DNA test done on her. Sarah got offended and didn’t see why she had to do it. Nicole apologized for asking that. Sarah left to take a call. Nicole swabbed Mickey’s mouth just as Eric arrived. She lied about cleaning Mickey’s ears. She hurried and put the swab in her purse.

Kate went to see John to find out about Marlena. He couldn’t tell her anything. She told him how Chad was wearing Stefano’s ring when he didn’t want anything to do with it. She knew Stefano had a way of getting through to his kids and getting them to do his bidding. They talked about Kristen possibly knowing where to find Marlena. Kate decided to go to Chad and ask him if he talked to Stefano. She thought it was the least she could do after what she did. He agreed with her. She hoped he would forgive her one day. 


Days of Our Lives 3-19-20 Recap 19th March 2020.


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