Days of Our Lives 3-23-20 Recap 23rd March 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 3-23-20 Recap 23rd March 2020

Days of Our Lives 3-23-20,

Eli and Lani watched Evan at the town square. They were getting tired of watching him until he left. They thought he would lead them to David. Unfortunately, they ended up losing him. Lani called Rafe to let him know the bad news. He wasn’t happy about it at all. Sonny went to Rafe and told him that Orpheus was Evan’s father. Sonny was under the impression that Orpheus was dead. Rafe told him about the way Clyde met Orpheus. He was supposed to get the key for a safety deposit box from Jordan. Orpheus gave Evan the key, and never heard from him again. They believed that Orpheus had David with him. They came up with a plan to lure Evan out to find David. Sonny agreed to meet with Evan to get to Orpheus and David.

Days of Our Lives 3-23-20 Recap 23rd March 2020

Chad was prepared to hide Kate and Gabi’s bodies when Abby arrived. Chad wasn’t too thrilled to see her and she noticed. He told her that he was just surprised because she didn’t call. They kiss and talk for a little bit before she walked out. Chad was ready to hide the bodies. Abby saw him by the tunnel doors and wanted to know why he was there. She joked about him stashing his tramps in there. He told her he was looking for his father downstairs. She noticed that he was wearing his father’s ring. He tried to downplay it, but she knew what it meant. He told her how he wanted to keep his family together. He mentioned how Jack’s book meant something to her the same way the ring meant something to him. She reminded him how his father kidnapped Kayla and Marlena. Chad didn’t want to talk about that anymore. He wanted to hear about her trip. She wanted to go upstairs with him, but he seemed hesitant about it.

Later on, Kate woke up and felt a sense of deja vu. She woke up Gabi to let her know what happened there. She told Gabi about Stefano’s letter to Chad. They were taking control DiMera together. Kate remembered Andre implanted a word in Chad’s brain. She saw the word in Stefano’s letter..

Stefano told Marlena that Chad was taking care of Kate and Gabi before their party. Marlena didn’t want him to kill them. She reminded him how he loved Kate. He remembered that she betrayed him with Isn. She didn’t care because Kate’s her friend and she didn’t want him to do it. He told her how Kate didn’t tell her about Gina being back in Salem.

Evan was on the phone with Orpheus. Lani and Eli watched him make the call. Evan told his father that he knew he was being watched and wanted him to get David some help. Orpheus said he wouldn’t take him to get help, but he would take care of him. Sonny showed up. Evan knew the cops put him up to seeing him. Sonny admitted they did send him. Evan said he accidentally killed Jordan. He knew Orpheus won’t hurt David. Sonny wasn’t sure if that was true. He told him how Orpheus rushed his life to get David some medication. Sonny thought that Evan had some good in him. Later, Evan went to the hotel where Orpheus had David. Rafe and Eli were behind him. Evan gave up and gave Rafe the baby. 


Days of Our Lives 3-23-20 Recap 23rd March 2020.


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