Days of Our Lives 3-24-20 Recap 24th March 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 3-24-20 Recap 24th March 2020

Days of Our Lives 3-24-20,

Hope talked to Kayla about what was going on while she was Gina. Kayla acted like she didn’t want to answer her questions. She also asked Kayla about Steve being back in town. Kayla wouldn’t answer her question. Maggie apologized to Sonny for killing Adrienne. Sonny forgave her because he knew his mother would want him to forgive her. She told him about Adrienne’s big heart and how she helped Sarah. Sarah talked about how happy she was with Xander. He thought about the baby switch scheme. She wanted to know what he was hiding from her. He managed to get out of it by lying to her. Eric noticed how jumpy Nicole was acting so he asked her about it. She said that she was getting a check up and waiting for the results. He wanted to know if she was pregnant. 

Days of Our Lives 3-24-20 Recap 24th March 2020


Hope wanted to know why Kayla wouldn’t talk to her about Steve. Kayla finally told her that she hoped he didn’t have any lasting damage. She told Hope that she wouldn’t be with Steve because she’s dating someone else. Justin walked in while Maggie was telling Will and Sonny to enjoy their lives. Justin found out that she changed her plea to guilty. He was able to forgive her for what she did too. Nicole told Eric that she wasn’t pregnant. He apologized for being so insensitive to her. Someone brought her test results to her. Eric wanted to know if she was going to open it.


Hope was shocked to find out that Kayla wasn’t with Steve anymore. She told her that she has been with Justin for the last six months. Hope was surprised by the news. Sarah and Xander showed up while Maggie was talking to Justin, Sonny, and Will. She wanted to know what happened. Eric wanted to know why Nicole wouldn’t open up the test results. She thought about her conversation with Xander reminding her to keep her mouth shut. Eric thought something was wrong with her and wanted her to tell him the truth. He didn’t want any secrets between them. She was able to convince him that she was fine so he left it alone. He walked off and she took out the envelope.


Maggie told Xander that she was glad that he was with Sarah. She wanted him to look out for Sarah when she’s gone. Kayla started to explain how she and Justin ended up together. Hope asked her if she would be with Steve if she knew the truth. Kayla didn’t answer her. Sarah and Xander were at the hospital. She regretted the day her sister came to town because she felt the accident wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t show up. She left to be with Mickey. Nicole was outside of the pub and opened up the test results. Justin went to Hope’s room and saw her with Kayla. Nicole found out that the test results proved that Sarah and Eric were Mickey’s parents. She thought for sure that Kristen was Mickey’s mother. Xander went to the lab tech and gave him money for switching the test results.

Days of Our Lives 3-24-20 Recap 24th March 2020.


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