Days of Our Lives 3-26-20 Recap 26th March 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 3-26-20 Recap 26th March 2020

Days of Our Lives 3-26-20,

Stefano thought he and Marlena were getting closer. He loved the time he spent with her when they danced. She thought it was something, but her mind was elsewhere. Stefano was getting upset and reminded her that John was part of her past. She told him that she was thinking about Kate. She didn’t want him to kill Gabi or Kate. He wouldn’t listen to her so she threatened to leave. He finally agreed not to do it. He wanted her to get a present he had for her.

John was on the phone and got upset because he couldn’t find Stefano. He went to the door and saw a delivery. He opened it up just as Brady showed up. He showed Brady the divorce papers he received. Brady was going to check on the lawyer who took care of the divorce. John read Stefano’s letter about him having Marlena now. John believed they would be able to find Marlena once they had Stefano. Brady told him about the encounter he had with Stefano. He let him know that Stefano referred to Marlena as his fiancee and that they were getting married. John was livid when he heard that.

Days of Our Lives 3-26-20 Recap 26th March 2020


Chad went to the tunnel to check on Gabi and Kate. He had a gun in his hand so Kate tried to convince him that he didn’t want to kill them. He said he did, but she knew Stefano brainwashed him. Tony and Anna showed up at the mansion to see Chad. Abby was surprised to see them. They told her why they were there, but she didn’t know about it. Kristen arrived at the mansion too. Anna didn’t realize she would be there. Kristen didn’t want to see her either. Kristen wanted to know whether Stefano was hiding in the tunnels. Abby said why Chad was in there. She wanted to check for herself.

Kate knew Stefano was brainwashing Chad. Gabi told her to show Chad the letter. She read about family and he cocked the gun and pointed it at them. He got a call and left the room. Gabi didn’t understand why she said the trigger word. Stefano didn’t want Chad to kill Kate and Gabi right now. Chad greeted his guests. He wanted to talk to Tony and Kristen alone. Kristen wanted to tell Brady and John where to find Marlena. He told her that she couldn’t do that. She fought with Chad about it. Tony reminded them that Steve wasn’t their father. Chad told him that he was their father. Kristen didn’t want to lose Brady and she didn’t think Tony wanted to lose Anna. Tony agreed with her. She told Chad would lose Abby. Chad wasn’t going to tell her. He told them if they said anything, Marlena would die.

Marlena went to her room and saw a wedding dress. Stefano went to her room. She was glad that he didn’t have Kate and Gabi killed. He told her that he showed how she meant to him and now she had to do it. She reminded him that she was still married. He told her that he took care of that and she wasn’t married anymore. He wanted her to let go of the past and embrace their lives together. She figured out the party was actually a wedding. He assured her that he would make her happy. She ended up telling she’d marry him, but she heard John telling her not to marry Stefano. Stefano saw his children and greeted them. He told them he was marrying Marlena. They were surprised.

Days of Our Lives 3-26-20 Recap 26th March 2020.