Days of Our Lives 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020

Days of Our Lives 3-27-20,

Abby told Anna that she was going to check the tunnel to make sure that Chad was doing what he said. Kristen and Tony weren’t thrilled with the idea of Stefano marrying Marlena. They weren’t going to stay for the ceremony. Chad pulled his gun out on them. He demanded that they stay for the wedding. Kristen realized that Chad wasn’t trying to get them to help Marlena. He wanted them there for the wedding. Chad never denied that he tricked them. She knew that he was under Stefano’s influence. Abby opened the door to the tunnel. Gabi hit her in the head with the champagne bottle. She didn’t realize that she hit Abby instead of Chad.

Days of Our Lives 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020


 Kate and Gabi checked on Abby. Kate couldn’t believe that Gabi hit her. Tony and Kristen couldn’t believe that Chad would go along with Stefano’s plans. Stefano let them know that Chad understood the meaning of family. He said Chad was his favorite child. Marlena walked in the room wearing her wedding gown. Stefano said Chad would perform the ceremony. John, Brady, Hope, and Kayla were at the townhouse and talked about the fake divorce Stefano had done. They brainstormed about where to find Stefano and Marlena. John went to the door and saw the invitation for the wedding. John was determined to stop the wedding.

Marlena was happy to see Tony and Kristen at the wedding. They were completely confused. Tony didn’t think she sounded like herself. Kristen reminded her that John was her husband. Marlena told her that she was looking forward to marrying Stefano. Chad started the ceremony. Kate and Gabi took Abby out of the tunnel. Anna wanted to know what happened. Kate and Gabi explained that they thought Abby was Chad. They told Abby that Stefano brainwashed Chad. Kate showed Abby the note Stefano wrote to Chad. Abby didn’t believe it. They continued to tell her what Stefano did to Chad. Abby finally started to put the pieces together. She wanted to find Chad before Stefano did. Chad asked if anyone wanted to object to the wedding. Tony was about to object when Chad was about to get his gun. Kristen intervened so Chad put the gun away. Stefano said his vows to Marlena. It was Marlena’s turn, but she didn’t have anything ready. He wanted her to speak from her heart.

Hope remembered that Stefano mentioned going back to Maison Blanche. Stefano told her (while she was Gina) where he rebuilt Maison Blanche. Hope, John, Kayla, and Brady left to find the mansion. Kate, Gabi, Abby, and Anna talked about Stefano going after Marlena. They hoped Tony could get through to Chad. Chad continued to perform the ceremony. Marlena said I do to Stefano. Marlena hesitated before she put the ring on Stefano’s finger. Chad was about to pronounce them man and wife, but he hesitated for a minute. He did pronounce them man and wife. Stefano and Marlena kissed while Tony and Kristen weren’t happy about it.

Kayla asked John not to hurt Steve. She reminded him that he was still Steve. John remembered that he’s his best friend and wouldn’t hurt him. John and Brady went to find Stefano. Stefano wanted to celebrate his wedding to Marlena. He and Marlena were about to leave when she stopped. Kristen tried to stop her from leaving. Marlena threw the bouquet at her. Abby tried to call Chad, but she didn’t get in touch with him. Anna wanted to try and track Tony’s phone. Tony told Kristen that he turned the phone tracker on his phone so Anna should be able to track them. Chad almost heard him talking. Anna found Tony’s location and left the mansion. Kayla thought that Stefano just wanted to take Marlena to bed. Hope wanted to make sure she was okay. 

Kayla wanted to stay strong for Justin. She didn’t want to fall apart over Steve. Kristen lied about her conversation with Tony. She slapped Chad and he choked her. He put his gun on Tony when he tried to stop him from choking her. Brady walked in with a gun on him. Stefano prepared to make love to Marlena. John walked in the room and saw them kissing on the bed.

Days of Our Lives 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020.


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