Days of Our Lives 4-10-19 Recap 10th April 2019

Days of Our Lives 4-10-19

Days of Our Lives 4-10-19 Recap 10th April 2019

Days of Our Lives 4-10-19, Rafe had problems with David. Lani noticed that he was having problems. He asked her to watch the baby. Ted went to see Hope. She told him that she was up with Rafe and the baby. Ted made it seem as if it were a problem that Rafe wanted to watch Jordan’s baby. She said it was okay. He asked if she thought about what he told her. Jack noticed that there was a fire in the room. When he went to open the door, he saw someone dressed as a firefighter. Rex told Will that he had a small tumor.

Will asked Rex and Sarah if he had a brain cancer. They told him not to worry because it was small. There were things they could do. Will wanted to know if the tumor was going to kill him. Eric questioned Eve about the information she had on Abe. They talked about immigration. He accused her of turning Jack into someone that he’s not. Eve said that Jennifer was the one who was trying to change him.

Days of Our Lives 4-10-19 Recap 10th April 2019

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Days of Our Lives 4-10-19 Recap 10th April 2019
Days of Our Lives 4-10-19

The firefighter took Jack in a storage room. The firefighter turned out to be Jennifer. Jack was surprised that she was the firefighter. Rafe talked to Lani about the baby and how he and Hope were dealing with the baby. Hope told Ted that she had faith in her marriage. He tried to talk her out of being with Rafe. She told him that she was committed to Rafe. Eli came in and wondered what Ted was doing.

Eric talked to Eve about Jack being in love with Jennifer. Eve didn’t want his opinion about Jack. She told him that he had a clear path to Jennifer. He said that he and Jennifer were friends. Jack told Jennifer that he didn’t have time to deal with her. When he tried to leave, the door was locked. He wanted the key. She said he wasn’t leaving until he heard her out. She told him that he used the same outfit to stop her from getting married.

Rafe told Lani that the doctor at Bayview said he didn’t know when Jordan would be out of the hospital or able to take care of the baby. She asked about the father. He said she didn’t know who the father was. She wanted to know what he was going to do about the baby. He said he had to turn the baby in. She told him that he couldn’t.

Eli asked Hope if Ted said he loved her. She said he did. Ted asked about Rafe. He said Rafe was his friend and partner and she was his family. She didn’t want to talk to him about it. He told her not to give up on her marriage. When she didn’t answer him, he asked if she was leaving Rafe.

Eve was tired of waiting for the informant and wanted to leave. Eric let her know that he was the one who called. Jennifer told Jack about how she was going to marry Emilio. She told him that he showed up at her wedding. She told him about when he realized he loved her.

Eve was upset that Eric was the one who called her. She thought Jennifer put him up to it. He said it was his idea. He did it so Jack and Jennifer could be alone without her hovering over them. She left to find Jack. Jennifer told Jack that she couldn’t let him marry Eve. He wanted to know why. She said she would never get the real Jack back. He wanted to know why she would want him back. She told him that he was cynical. She told him that he was a good husband most of the time. She said she would give anything to have him back.

Lani tried to talk Rafe out of putting David in the system. He did too. She asked him to keep the baby until Jordan was better. He enjoyed taking care of the baby, but he said it wasn’t his place. Lani wanted to know why. He said it wasn’t just his decision. He didn’t think Hope wanted it.

Hope told Eli that Rafe wanted to be everybody’s rock but hers. She said she should be at the top of his list. Eli asked if she was at the top of Ted’s list. When she wouldn’t look at him, he said it made him think. He thought that she was in love with Ted.

Jack told Jennifer that she was persistent. She told him about when they made love for the first time. Will and Sonny talked about the tumor. Sonny told him that it wasn’t going to be cancer. Sonny told him that he was young and strong and they would get through this together. They hugged each other.

Hope told Eli that she understood why he thought she was in love with Ted because she didn’t deny her feelings. She didn’t want to talk about her feelings with him. Eli thought that it was obvious that he loved Rafe and Rafe loved her. Rafe told Lani that he and Hope were going through a rough patch right now. He didn’t think a baby would help. She told him that he should talk to Hope about it if he wanted it. He thought she was right. He asked her to watch the baby.

Eve went to the room and found him gone. Jack thought that the memories were a waste of time. Jennifer said she had more stories. He said it was a waste of time because he didn’t remember it. She told him that he would rather be this Jack. He said he would be no one if he wasn’t this Jack. She said Eve made him think this way. He said Eve accepted him. He said that the election was all that he had. She said that he had her. She told him that she loved him. He said he didn’t love her.

Rafe went to see Hope. They both said that they needed to talk. Will researched brain tumors online. He started to cry. Sonny comforted him. Sarah told Rex that she wanted to get married as soon as possible. Eric overheard her telling Rex that she wanted to get married.

Jennifer asked Jack if he loved Eve. He said he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. He told her to give this up. He said Eve was going to be his bride. He told her to give him the key. He told her that he wasn’t going to give up. He banged on the door. While he was banging on the door, boxes fell on his head. He passed out.

Next on Days of our lives, Claire makes a huge confession to Eve. Ben meets his nephew for the first time. Haley and JJ share an intimate moment as she forgives JJ for his betrayal.

Days of Our Lives 4-10-19 Recap 10th April 2019


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