Days of Our Lives 4-12-19 Recap 12th April 2019

Days of Our Lives 4-12-19

Days of Our Lives 4-12-19 Recap 12th April 2019

Days of Our Lives 4-12-19,
Jack told Jennifer that he didn’t have feelings for her. He apologized to her. Tripp was happy that Justin was going to marry him and Haley. JJ and Haley kissed each other. They promised to see each other after her 30 days of marriage was over. Claire told Eve that they had to do something to stop Tripp and Haley’s wedding. Eve said she didn’t have time. Claire was upset that she didn’t want to help her. Laverne showed up at the loft and didn’t like how Haley wasn’t there with Tripp. She thought Jack wouldn’t like her being there with JJ instead of Tripp. She didn’t like it either.

Ciara told Ben what she told the police. He told her it was alright Claire showed up and talked to them about the lighter. Claire tried to convince them that Jordan set the fire. Ciara didn’t think Jordan set the fire. Laverne told Haley that she would be deported if she found out that her wedding wasn’t real.

Jennifer talked to Adrienne about her plan to get Jack back. Jennifer told her that he didn’t have any feelings for her. Adrienne tried to convince her that he would have feelings for her, but Jennifer didn’t believe that. Jack went back to the room. He told Eve what Jennifer did to him. She wanted to know if his feelings came back for Jennifer. He said they didn’t.

Jack reassured Eve that he didn’t have any feelings for Jennifer. He said he was focused on being mayor. Eve said they made a great team. He told her that the memories Jennifer told her were impossible. He couldn’t believe he wasn’t able to tell Jennifer that he loved her. Eve told him that they were going to have the wedding of the century. He said he was up for it.

Haley told Laverne that Tripp would be at the loft soon. Laverne wanted to ask Haley questions about Tripp. Haley struggled with the questions, but she answered them. Claire was about to go in the loft, but Tripp stopped her. He said it would look bad if she showed up on their wedding day. Claire asked if he was falling for Haley.

Ciara talked to Ben about Claire. Ciara was suspicious of Claire. He didn’t care whose fault it was that the lighter got to the police. He was concerned with her believing him. He asked if she believed him.

Adrienne went to Jack and Eve. Adrienne told them that she wanted to officiate the wedding. Eve wasn’t sure about it. He thought that it wouldn’t look bad if his sister were at the wedding since they were going to have a lot of press there.

Days of Our Lives 4-12-19 Recap 12th April 2019

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Days of Our Lives 4-12-19 Recap 12th April 2019
Days of Our Lives 4-12-19

Laverne told Haley about Tripp being late. Haley told her about a Chinese tradition. Laverne didn’t care about the tradition. If he didn’t show up, she was leaving. Tripp tried to convince Claire that she was his girlfriend and that he loved her. She wanted him to prove it by kissing her. While they were kissing, someone opened the door.

Ciara told Ben that he treated her like she was special. She said no one ever treated her like that. She said she believed in him and no one was changing her mind. He was glad. He was upset that he was going to prison if they thought he set the fire. She said that they would prove it.

JJ was the one who opened the door and saw Tripp and Claire. JJ told them that the ICE agent was there. He said she was grilling Haley because he was late. Jennifer showed up at the square for Jack and Eve’s wedding. Eve told her that Adrienne was officiating the wedding.

When Jack and Eve walked off, Adrienne told Jennifer that she knew what she was doing.

Ciara and Ben talked about the lighter. They wondered how it got in the loft. She told him that she couldn’t go back home because of the wedding. He thought that she was upset that Tripp was marrying Haley. Ciara said that she wasn’t jealous.

Jack and Eve told the press that they were getting married. They said that Tripp and Haley were having a fake wedding. Jack said that Abe must support it since he didn’t say anything about the marriage. Jennifer said that it was supposed to be a wedding and not a press conference. Eve said that it was time to get married.

Tripp and Haley were starting to get married. Claire listened to the recording of Tripp saying they were together. She said she had all of the ammo she needed. Tripp and Haley gave each other rings. When Justin was about to pronounce them husband and wife, Claire interrupted the wedding. While Jack and Eve were getting married, he thought of Jennifer trying to tell her that he had her. Jack said his vows to Eve. He kept looking at Jennifer while he was saying his vows. Eve asked if something was wrong. He told her that he couldn’t do this.

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Days of Our Lives 4-12-19 Recap 12th April 2019


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