Days of Our Lives 4-15-19 Recap 15th April 2019

Days of Our Lives 4-15-19

Days of Our Lives 4-15-19 Recap 15th April 2019

Days of Our Lives 4-15-19,
Adrienne told Jack not to marry Eve. She said Jennifer was the reason why he couldn’t marry Eve. He said that Adrienne was the reason why he couldn’t marry her. Claire played the recording where Tripp admitted to being her boyfriend to Laverne.

Ben and Ciara talked about making love. He said he wanted to make love to her, but he was nervous. He didn’t want to mess up what they had. She said it wouldn’t mess things up. She said she needed him now. They kissed each other.

Eve wanted to know why Jack stopped the wedding. He said he didn’t trust Adrienne. Adrienne said that she was his sister and he could trust her. He accused her of trying to ruin the wedding. Eve and Jack wanted to see her license to officiate weddings. When she gave it to them, they said it was expired. Adrienne tried to talk Jack out of marrying Eve. Adrienne told him that Jennifer loved him.

Tripp confronted Claire about playing the recording. She told him that she couldn’t stand by and watch him marry Haley. Laverne said she knew the marriage wasn’t real and now she had proof. Laverne told Haley that she was going to be deported. Claire said that China was good and they could visit her. Laverne said that Tripp was going to jail.

Claire told Laverne that she couldn’t send Tripp to prison. Claire said Haley was the criminal. Laverne said that Tripp committed a crime. Tripp and Claire argued over what she did. It turned out to be a dream. Laverne wanted to know what Claire wanted to say.

Adrienne told the people at the conference to search Jack and Jennifer and they would see that they were in love. Jack said that he and Eve loved each other. He said they were committed to each other. Adrienne said they weren’t in love and that it was a publicity stunt. Adrienne wanted to know if anyone had the guts to stand up and tell the truth. Someone from the crowd stood up and said something.

Ben and Ciara started to make love. He asked if she was ready. She told him that she was. While they were kissing, his phone rang. He didn’t want to answer the phone. She told him to answer it before she changed her mind. It turned out to be Stefan.

Days of Our Lives 4-15-19 Recap 15th April 2019

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Days of Our Lives 4-15-19 Recap 15th April 2019
Days of Our Lives 4-15-19

Ben told Ciara that Stefan wanted him to go after the drug cartel. He apologized to her. She understood. He said he would be back and they would pick up from where they left off.

Claire told Laverne that her relationship with Tripp wasn’t real. She told Laverne that he was on the rebound. She said that he was in love with Ciara. Claire apologized for interrupting the wedding. Tripp said she was welcome to stay if it wasn’t uncomfortable. Justin ended up marrying them. Claire was upset when they kissed.

Adrienne said the guy that spoke up was Jack’s constituent. He ripped into her for interrupting the wedding. Adrienne said she was trying to help him. The man said he was a reverend and he would be glad to marry them. Eve told everyone that Adrienne worked for the Spectator and called her a fraud. The crowd called her a fraud. Jack said that it was time for a wedding.

Ben told Ciara that he had to go back with Stefan. He said he had to find the cartel tonight. She said she understood because he had to keep Chloe and the kids safe. He told her to wait for him. He wanted her to spend the night.

Kayla and Justin congratulated Tripp and Haley. JJ told Claire that they were doing the right thing for Haley. Laverne told Tripp and Haley that she didn’t buy the wedding. She said if there was proof that the wedding wasn’t real, Haley would be deported.

Adrienne tried to talk Jennifer out of staying for Jack and Eve’s wedding. Jennifer said there was nothing she could do about it because he made his choice. Jack and Eve got married. Jennifer and Adrienne were upset about it.

Eve taunted Jennifer after she married Jack. Eve reminded Jennifer that it was her fault that this would happen. Jennifer told her that it wasn’t real. Eve said that she told her that she would marry Jack and she did.

Haley wanted to thank everyone for helping her. She said she was in a dark place. She appreciated their help. Justin and Kayla had to leave. Kayla welcomed Haley to the family. JJ had to leave too. Haley walked him out. Tripp wanted to know why Claire showed up to the wedding. JJ told Haley that he had to keep their distance. Haley said it wasn’t forever. JJ kissed her before he left.

Jennifer called Eve heartless. Eve said that she and Jack got married. Jack apologized to Jennifer. He said Adrienne shouldn’t have put her on the spot. Jennifer said she had to file her story. Before she left, she wished them a happy marriage.

Tripp wanted to know what Claire was going to tell him. She said she changed her mind. He thanked her. They kissed each other. Haley walked in on them. Claire apologized for kissing her husband. He told Claire that she should leave. Claire left the loft. Claire was upset that she couldn’t win.

JJ met Jennifer at the pub. He told her that Tripp and Haley got married. He told her that they could have a future. He asked her about Jack and Eve. She said that they got married. She decided to put distance between Jack and Eve. She didn’t want to see Jack and Eve parading around Salem. He comforted her.

Eve confronted Jack about his hesitation at the wedding. He said that Jennifer was his past. He told her she was his future. He told her they were going to have a real wedding night. He wanted to make love. She wanted to make love to him.

Next on Days of our lives, Brady objects when he learns Kate wants a job at Titan. Will has a scary episode at the hospital. Gabi steps up her efforts to seduce Stefan. Eric learns Rex and Sarah have set a date for their wedding and makes a surprising offer.

Days of Our Lives 4-15-19 Recap 15th April 2019


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