Days of Our Lives 4-19-19 Recap 19th April 2019

Days of Our Lives 4-19-19

Days of Our Lives 4-19-19 Recap 19th April 2019

Days of Our Lives 4-19-19, Brady told Chloe that she should move in with him. She said it wasn’t Stefan’s fault that she was in danger. Eli told them that CSI was coming to Doug’s Place. Chloe told Brady that she thought that Stefan was responsible for what happened to her. Ted told someone on the phone that he was going to be with Hope because he loved her. Hope talked to Kayla about her problems with Rafe. Hope talked to her about Rafe wanting to take care of David.

Stefan called the police. Gabi told him that it was her fault. He said that it wasn’t. She said that Rafe wouldn’t have been shot if she didn’t text him. Ciara tried to talk Hector into letting her go. He didn’t want to hear it. Ben showed up and called out to her.

Days of Our Lives 4-19-19 Recap 19th April 2019

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Days of Our Lives 4-19-19 Recap 19th April 2019
Days of Our Lives 4-19-19

Kayla told Hope to talk to Rafe before things got worse. Kayla told her to find Rafe. Ted talked to someone about the guys that were after Chloe. He wanted to know why the person wanted to know. Chloe was upset with Brady for scheming to be around her. He tried to justify what he did, but she thought he was jealous. She thought he didn’t want her to be with anyone.

Ben ran into Hope at the town square. He told her that Hector had Ciara. She wanted to know why he didn’t stop it. She wanted to know why Rafe didn’t call her. He told her that he took a bullet for Stefan. Gabi was scared for Rafe. Stefan told her that Rafe was going to be okay.

Brady told Chloe that he didn’t have a thing for her. She said he was with a lot of women. She told him that he had a problem. He wanted to know what she was trying to say. She told him that he was shallow. They argued over her living with Stefan. She said that he wasn’t inappropriate with her. Brady reminded her what Stefan did to Abby. She said Stefan was in love with her. He thought she was in denial.

Eli walked in on Ted talking to the person on the phone. Ted got off the phone. Eli told him what happened with Ramon. Hope called Kayla to ask about Rafe. Kayla told her that he was shot in the shoulder and had a head injury. Hope said she couldn’t go to the hospital. Ben found Ciara’s earring on the ground. Ciara told Hector that her mother was going to find her. She kicked him and ran off. He went after her.

Brady told Chloe that he wanted to protect her. She said she wasn’t his to protect. He said he wanted to protect her since high school. She thought that that was the reason he wanted to protect her. She said there were times when she needed him and he wasn’t there. They continued to talk about him wanting to protect her.

Eli and Ted talked about what happened with Ramon. While they were talking, Eli got a call about Rafe. Ted wanted to know what happened. Eli told him that Rafe was shot. Gabi opened up to Stefan about how much Rafe meant to her. He comforted her.

Chloe told Brady that she wasn’t taking help from Victor. He said he would help her. He said Maggie would help her too. She told him that Victor hated her. Brady said that she wouldn’t have to be near Victor. She said that the conversation was over. She said the kids were safe with her. She thought he was trying to control her life. He said he wasn’t. She said she wasn’t going to let him do that to her before she left.

Kayla told Gabi that Rafe was okay. Gabi went to see him. Rafe told her that he had to go find Hope and Ciara. Kayla and Eli stopped him from leaving. Rafe wanted to call Hope. He got the voicemail when he called her. Hope was upset that she and Ben couldn’t find Ciara. She thought that Stefan should have called her the second the drug cartel came after them. Ben said he couldn’t. Hector threatened to kill Ciara if she tried to attack him again.

Chloe and Stefan talked to each other on the phone. She wanted to know what happened. He told her what happened at the mansion. He told her that he made arrangements for her to stay at the Salem Inn. When he got off the phone, he saw Gabi. He asked how Rafe was doing. She told him how Rafe was. Stefan offered to take her to see Arianna.

Rafe left Hope a message. He told Eli he hated leaving Hope alone. Eli said he heard he moved out. Rafe said Ted was trying to move in on her. Eli wanted to tell him something. Ted talked to Chloe about what happened. She told him where she was going to be staying. He told her that everything was going to be alright.

Gabi and Stefan went to her house. He asked her how she was doing. She said she was doing better. He said Rafe was going to be better. He said they would be back to fighting. They were tired of being civil to each other. He got a call from security. She flashed back to Brady telling her about the plan to get Stefan. When Stefan got off the phone, she kissed him. Ted called someone and told them that he got an update on Chloe. Eli told Rafe that Ted got a call that he didn’t want Hope to know about. Hope was upset that Stefan didn’t call her. She thought Ben might have been in on keeping her in the dark. He said he didn’t. She found her earring on the ground and thought that she was leaving a trail. Hector took Ciara to a room and was ready to shoot her.

Days of Our Lives 4-19-19 Recap 19th April 2019


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