Days of Our Lives 4-8-19 Recap 8th April 2019

Days of Our Lives 4-8-19

Days of Our Lives 4-8-19 Recap 8th April 2019

Days of Our Lives 4-8-19, Eve announced at the press conference that she and Jack were getting married. Jennifer was shocked. Abe tried to kiss Sheila. When he noticed someone looking at them, he made it seem as if she were trying to kiss him. They argued over who tried to kiss whom. Eli and Lani walked in and wondered what they walked in on. Abe asked them about the baby. Ted and Hope kissed. She told him that she was married. He told her that she shouldn’t be married. Rafe went to see Jordan. She wanted to know where her baby was. He said he had him. Jennifer asked Eve where her ring was if she and Jack were getting married.

Eve told Jennifer that she had a ring. Jennifer was surprised that she had a ring, but said it was modest. Eve said she and Jack were in love and the ring didn’t matter. The crowd at the conference enjoyed what Eve told them about their wedding. Jennifer didn’t like it.

Days of Our Lives 4-8-19 Recap 8th April 2019

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Days of Our Lives 4-8-19 Recap 8th April 2019
Days of Our Lives 4-8-19

Lani introduced Abe and Sheila to David. Sheila thought David was dead. Rafe told Jordan that Eli and Lani had the baby. Jordan was okay with it because she was in no position to take care of the baby. He asked her who the father of the baby is. Ted tried to convince Hope to leave Rafe. He reminded her how often Rafe left her when she needed him.

Lani and Eli told Abe and Sheila that Rafe left David with them while he went to see Jordan. Rafe asked Jordan about the father of her baby. She wanted to know why he was concerned about the baby. He said the father would be there to take care of the baby. She said the father hasn’t been there for the baby. Ted continued to talk Hope out of being with Jack.

Jennifer wanted to ask another question, but Eve cut her off. When the conference was over, Jennifer wanted to ask Jack a question. Claire asked Eve what happened. She wanted to know why the video didn’t play. Eve didn’t know what happened. Claire was afraid that Tripp and Haley were going to get married. Jennifer told Jack that Eve blindsided him with the proposal. He said that they were getting married. He didn’t want to talk to her. She asked him if he was going to let Eve force him to marry her.

Jack told Jennifer that he was his own man. He said he wasn’t a puppet. She said he was Eve’s puppet and has done everything Eve told him to do. She said that no one believed that he would have done any of those things on his own. Haley, JJ and Tripp talked about the press conference. Haley was glad that the video was nothing about her and Tripp. Haley noticed that Tripp was distracted. He noticed that Claire was gone.

Claire told Eve that she didn’t want to help her. Claire thought she didn’t care. Eve told her that she cared. Eve said she thought of Claire as her daughter. She said she missed being a mother. It comforted her to be a mother to someone. She felt it helped her feel better. Claire apologized to her. Eve knew that this was hard for her. She said they were going to get Haley out of the way. Eve said Claire would have Tripp. Claire wanted to know when. Eve said she had to be patient. Eve left to be with her fiancee.

Sheila noticed that Eli seemed happy. She asked if Lani had something to do with it. He said she did. He wanted to know what was going on with Abe. Abe told Lani that he was concerned about her getting close to David. Jordan wanted to know why she couldn’t see her baby. Rafe told her that she had to be well first. She agreed that she had to get well. Rafe wanted to know who else could take care of David. When he suggested Ben, she said she didn’t want him to take care of him.

Hope told Ted her take on their relationship. She reminded him that she confided in him about her marriage. She said that didn’t mean that she wanted to be with him. She apologized for misleading him. He said she didn’t mislead him. He said that she wanted to be with him.

While Jack and Jennifer were talking, Eve showed up to take Jack away. Sheila was upset that Eli accused her of having something going on with Abe. Abe told Lani that she was using David to remind her of her son. She said she wasn’t.

Jordan told Rafe that she didn’t want Ben to raise her son after what Clyde did to him. Rafe said she needed someone to take care of him. She wanted him to do it. Ted told Hope that she needed a man to put her first. She said she wanted her marriage to work. He said he would respect it if Rafe was there for her, but he wasn’t. He told her that she deserved a man who was crazy in love with her.

Sheila told Eli that she gave him suggestions about the campaign, but he bit her head off. Eli said that didn’t sound like him. She said it might not have happened if his girlfriend didn’t leave. Eli said his mother was offered a job and Abe wouldn’t have stood in her way.

Jack told Eve that he wasn’t going to marry her. Hope was surprised that Ted was crazy in love with her. He told her why he was in love with her. He told her that she needed to be protected and cherished. He said it made him love her even more. Rafe was shocked that Jordan wanted him to watch her son. She said it wouldn’t be for long. She said she wanted someone she could trust to watch David.

Claire walked in the loft while Haley and Tripp were talking about the wedding. Claire was upset at what she heard. JJ went to Jennifer to see if she was okay. She told him she was. She showed him the story she was working on. He comforted her. Eve was upset when Jack wasn’t happy about the wedding. He told her that they were getting tomorrow. He told her that their wedding was going to be a lie. She didn’t think it was all a lie. She thought there was something between them. He said it was a true love story. Rafe showed up to get David. He told Eli and Lani that Jordan wanted him to take care of David. Lani didn’t want to let him go. Ted told Hope that he knew she had feelings for him. He was willing to wait until she admitted her feelings to herself.

Next on Days of our lives, Marlena decides to tell Sarah the truth about Eric’s feelings for her. Will and Sonny await Will’s test results. Claire helps Haley prepare for her wedding to Tripp. Eric offers to help Jennifer stop Eve and Jack’s wedding.

Days of Our Lives 4-8-19 Recap 8th April 2019


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