Days of our Lives Spoilers April 15 – 19 , 2019 | Dool 2019

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 8

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 15 – 19 , 2019 | Dool 2019

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on NBC soap opera Days of our Lives during the week of April 15 – 19 , 2019.

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Days of our Lives Spoilers April 15 , Monday

  • Jennifer is upset that she lost Jack forever. She is disappointed that Jack married Eve. Will she give up on hope that she will get Jack back or will she fight for him?
  • Claire interrupts Tripp and Haley’s wedding. Claire hasn’t hidden the fact that she doesn’t want Tripp to marry Haley. What will she do to keep them from getting married?
  • Ben asks Ciara to spend the night with him. Ben and Ciara have declared their love for each other. She is determined to be by his side. Will these two give in to temptation and make love?

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 16 , Tuesday

  • Gabi tries to seduce Stefan. She has been working with Brady to get revenge on Stefan. She tries again to go after Stefan. She kisses him again. Will she be able to seduce Stefan?
  • Eric finds out that Rex and Sarah have a date for their wedding. Will Eric reveal how he really feels about Sarah?
  • Eric makes a surprising decision for Rex and Sarah. What will his surprise be for the couple?

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 17, Wednesday

  • Ben receives bad news? Will the news be about Ciara? Is something going to happen to her?
  • Chloe is upset with Brady. Will she find out that he has been scheming with Gabi to keep her from Stefan?

Days of our Lives Spoiler April 18 , Thursday

  • Gabi and Ciara find themselves in danger. Spoilers indicate that the drug cartel is back in Salem. Will the drug cartel kidnap Gabi and Ciara trying to get to Chloe?
  • Gabi and Ciara are held hostage. Who will come to save them?

DOOL Spoiler April 19, Friday

  • Hope and Ben find out that Ciara is in trouble. They will work together to save Ciara. Will this help Hope see Ben in a new light?
  • Stefan helps find Gabi and Ciara. Will this help Gabi with her plan to seduce him?
  • Rafe also tries to help Gabi and Ciara. Rafe gets shot while he is trying to play hero. Will he be seriously injured after he is shot? Will this help Hope see that she wants to make her marriage work?

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 15 – 19 , 2019 | Dool 2019.


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