Days of our Lives Spoilers April 22 – 26 , 2019 | Dool 2019

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 22

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 22 – 26 , 2019 | Dool 2019

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on NBC soap opera Days of our Lives during the week of April 22 – 26 , 2019. Days of our Lives Spoilers April 22

Days of our Lives Full Episodes

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 22 , Monday

  • Kate watchesTed have a conversation he would rather no one else hear. What will she do with the information?

  • Ciara’s life is in danger. Will Hope and Ben find her before something happens to her?

  • Stefan and Gabi get even closer while remaining at odds. Will they put their hatred for each other aside and give in to temptation?

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 23 , Tuesday

  • Stefan doesn’t want Chloe to know what happens with Gabi. Will he be able to keep Chloe in the dark about what happens with Gabi? Will he be able to make it work with Chloe is the truth comes out?

  • Hope isn’t happy to find out Lani stayed with Rafe. Lani and Rafe bond over David. Should Hope be worried about Rafe spending time with Lani?

  • Jack notices a moment between Abe and Sheila. How will Jack use it to his advantage? Will he use it to win the election?

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 24, Wednesday

  • Things get awkward for Stefan when Chloe finds evidence that he has been with someone. What will Chloe find and what happens when she does find it?

  • Will’s worried about his diagnosis and he has a hard time dealing with it. He takes his nervousness out on his family. Will he get a bad diagnosis?

  • Maggie and Kate butt heads because she’s working for Titan. Will they be able to put their differences behind them while Kate is working at Titan?

Days of our Lives Spoiler April 25 , Thursday

  • Nicole Walker will be back on the air in this episode. What will happen when she and Eric see each other?

  • Sarah manages to trick Marlena into admitting how Eric feels about her. How will Sarah react to what Marlena has to say?

DOOL Spoiler April 26, Friday

  • Holly ends up getting kidnapped. Who grabs Holly? Does it have to do with the drug cartel? Is someone else involved in the kidnapping?

  • Eric decides to share how he feels about Sarah just as Nicole returns to town. Will Eric and Sarah give in to their feelings? Will Nicole be the one to come between them?

  • Ben saves Ciara from the kidnapping. They decide to make love for the first time after he rescues her.

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 22 – 26 , 2019 | Dool 2019.


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