Days of our Lives Spoilers January 6 – January 10, 2020 | Dool 2020



Days of our Lives Spoilers January 6 – January 10, 2020 | Dool 2020

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on NBC soap opera Days of our Lives during the week of January 30 – Jan 3, 2020.

Days of our Lives Full Episodes

Days of our Lives Spoilers January 6 , Monday

  • Ciara has a heated argument with Victor that doesn’t go the way she expected. What happens between them?
  • Sonny and Evan kiss each other again. Will things start to heat up between them?
  • Kayla wants Steve to tell her about the woman that he loves now. Will he tell her about Marlena?
  • Xander puts Ben on notice. Will Ben give in to Xander’s threats?

Days of our Lives Spoilers January 7 , Tuesday

  • Kristen decides to use Gabi for her plan. Will she pull her plan off?
  • Eli wants to know why Lani destroyed Gabi’s store. Will she tell him about Gabi’s blackmailing scheme?
  • Xander holds Ciara responsible for Victor’s health issues. Will she feel guilty about what happened to him?
  • Brady finds out that Victor is sick. How will he react?

Days of our Lives Spoilers January 8, Wednesday

  • Lani decides to tell JJ something. Is she going to tell hm what Gabi did to her? Will he help her?
  • Nicole decides to pull Kristen’s leg when it concerns Brady. She lets her think they are together to drive her crazy. Will Kristen go after Nicole?
  • Gabi has to make sure that Eli doesn’t find out what she did so she has to cover her tracks. Will he figure out what she did?
  • Kate visits Will and lets her know Evan is moving in on Sonny. Will he finally fight for his marriage?

Days of our Lives Spoiler January 9, Thursday

  • Kristen is in for the shock of her life when someone from her past shows up to see her. What will she do?
  • Jack yells at Steve about his odd behavior. Will Steve be able to convince him that he’s the same person he was before?
  • Brady wants to help Nicole out with her plan and pretends to be with her. Will this plan work?
  • Xander doesn’t want Ciara to be near Victor. Will she listen to him or go see her grandfather?

DOOL Spoiler April January 10, Friday

  • Ciara doesn’t have the best news to share with Ben. How will he take the news when she gives it to him?
  • Justin advises Victor to come clean and help Ben. Will he do it?
  • John asks Gina about Steve and she finds herself at a loss for words. Will she be able to cover her tracks?
  • Stefano wants to see how loyal Kate is to him and puts her through a test. Will she pass the test?
  • Days of our Lives Spoilers January 6 – January 10, 2020 | Dool 2020


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