Days of our Lives Spoilers May 4 – May 8, 2020 | Dool 2020


Days of our Lives Spoilers May 4 – May 8, 2020 | Dool 2020

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on NBC soap opera Days of our Lives during the week of May 4 – May 8, 2020.

Days of our Lives Full Episodes

Days of our Lives Spoilers May 4 , Monday

  • Gabi believes that Jake is lying about his identity. Will Jake be able to convince her that he’s not Stefan?
  • Abigail ends up having another hallucination. Does she have a hallucination about Orpheus or Ben?
  • Sarah asks Rex to keep her secret. Will he keep his word to her?
  • Kristen confides in Lani about something. Will she tell her that she was the one who stabbed Victor?

Days of our Lives Spoilers May 5, Tuesday

  • Xander gives Maggie bad news. How will she react to the news?
  • Sarah does what she can to keep Rachel with her. What does she do in order to keep her?
  • Eli believes Lani is hiding something. Does he find out what she’s hiding?
  • Nicole tries to make Eric get over what happened to his daughter by giving him a special day.

Days of our Lives Spoilers May 6, Wednesday

  • Zoey tries to get intimate Sonny just before the custody battle. Will she be able to convince him to testify for Evan?
  • Maggie hits Xander. Is she upset about the news he tells her?
  • Sarah decides to tell Rex about what happened to Mickey. Will that keep him from telling about the kidnapping?
  • Lani helps Kristen find out where Sarah took Rachel. Do they get any leads?

Days of our Lives Spoiler May 7, Thursday

  • Ben gets into a dangerous situation. Does he get hurt?
  • Gabi kisses Jake. Does he push her away?
  • Marlena wants to know how Kayla feels about Steve. Does Kayla tell her the truth?
    Hope and Steve get closer while they talk about what they did as Gina and Stefano.

DOOL Spoiler April April May 8, Friday

  • Lani tells Eli why she let Kristen go. Does he accept her reasoning?
  • Ciara helps Ben after he gets injured.
  • Xander lets Victor know that Maggie knows what they did. How will Victor react to that?
    Sarah hit a road block with her plan to keep Rachel.
  • Days of our Lives Spoilers May 4 – May 8, 2020 | Dool 2020


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