General Hospital 01-03-22 Recap 3rd January 2022

General Hospital 01-03-22 Recap 3rd January 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 01-03-22,

Carly hoped that Jason would have been on the bridge, but it turned out to be Drew. He thought he would get some clarity by being there. She said that Jason was gone. Nina took Sonny home. He said he had everything he needed. He looked and saw that she was still in the room. He said that he wasn’t going to drive because he couldn’t find his keys. He said he wouldn’t make things worse because they couldn’t get any worse for him. 

Austin tended to Peter. He was about to leave when grabbed him. Nina told Sonny that she didn’t know Willow was going to say something at the trial. He told her that she knew about it and didn’t give him a head’s up. She thought it was going to be over. Nina warned him to stop drinking because he was going to have a terrible headache. He said he had to deal with it. She was about to leave when he stopped her. Laura talked to Mack about Victor being a free man. She wasn’t sure what he was capable of doing. Victor taunted Britt about Peter. He said that he wasn’t responsible for what happened in the tunnels. He wasn’t near it. Austin came out and told them that Peter was awake. He said he was having a hard time speaking, but he wanted to see someone. She said that she wasn’t letting him see Maxie. Austin said that he wanted to see Victor.

General Hospital 01-03-22 Recap 3rd January 2022

Carly confides in Drew. Harmony shows Alexis some tough love. Victor goes to General Hospital to check on a patient. Mac makes a promise. Maxie looks forward to a fresh start in the new year.

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Carly told Drew that she wanted to see Jason, but he wasn’t there anymore. Drew knew she blamed him for coming back and Jason not being there. Sonny thought Nina wanted to know what happened when he chased after Carly. She said she wanted to know what happened. Britt wondered why Victor didn’t rush to see Peter. She and Austin told him that he would be okay. He decided to go into Peter’s room. Peter told him that he betrayed him. Victor said he betrayed him first, but it was business. He said he was the only one who could help him. 

Drew told Carly about getting to know Jason. He said that he vented about Peter. He said Jason didn’t waste time venting about him. He continued to tell Carly what happened when he was with Jason. Peter told Victor that he was going to help him. Victor told him that he wasn’t in a position to hold a grudge against him. He said someone tried to kill him once and would try again. Victor said that Peter was going to want to know what he wanted in return. He said he wanted someone in return. Nina thought it was a good thing that Sonny didn’t say anything. He said nothing good came from that. She wanted to help him, but he told her that she couldn’t do anything. He said Carly couldn’t get past what he kept from her.

General Hospital 01-03-22 Recap 3rd January 2022


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