General Hospital 01-04-22 Recap 4th January 2022

General Hospital 01-04-22 Recap 4th January 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 01-04-22,

Peter met with Monica. She noticed he was out all night. She wondered if he was with Sam and Scout. He admitted that he saw them, but he wanted to go to the hospital to see if Peter since he was awake. He wanted to see him to see how to get rid of his conditioning. She didn’t think Peter would help him. He was going to get it out of him one way or another. She begged him to be careful because she lost a son and didn’t want to lose another one to Peter.

Ava and Nikolas were at the Metro Court to meet with Victor. Nikolas noticed the paper he was reading and saw the story about Cassadine Industries. Nikolas was upset that the paper made him out to be the bad guy. He said he had nothing to do with what happened to his company. Shawn walked in while Nikolas was talking about the paper. He revealed that he bought out The Invader. He said he changed the direction of the newspaper. Shawn walked away. Victor offered to take him out if Nikolas wanted him to do it.

General Hospital 01-04-22 Recap 4th January 2022

Devastating news hits Port Charles. Curtis and Portia take an important step. Kevin encourages Laura to open up. Monica cautions Drew to be careful. Shawn surprises Alexis.

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Ava reminded Victor about his solution for Naomi and Hayden caused more problems than it solved. Victor said changes were upon them and sacrifice must be made. Nikolas wanted to know what he meant. Victor said when he got the answers he needed, he would let him know.

Bobbie stopped Valentin from seeing Peter at the hospital. She told him to talk to Victor since he visited Peter. Valentin was surprised that he visted Peter. Alexis arrived and found out that Valentin insisted on seeing Peter. Bobbie got a text from Laura asking her to come see her. Alexis promised to keep Valentin in check. Bobbie left to meet Laura. Alexis wanted to make sure that Valentin stayed away from Peter.

Laura woke Tracy up. She had a nightmare on the couch. Kevin arrived and gave Tracy some coffee. Laura told Tracy how she wanted her to go to the guest room but she refused to do it. Laura told her that she talked to Lucky about Luke. She said Lucky heard about the car crash on the news. She said Lucky didn’t know his father was involved in it. Tracy told them that Luke’s remains were identified after the crash. She said his personal effects were sent to her. She blamed herself for what happened to him.

Kevin said that Tracy wasn’t responsible for what happened to Luke. Tracy said Luke got a tip on can’t miss scam in Austria. She was upset that he was going to choose to return to that life over her. She said that she said terrible things to her. Laura noticed that Bobbie responded to her text. Tracy decided to see her family.

After Tracy left, Kevin asked Laura how she was doing. Laura broke down and cried on his shoulder. She said it was 40 years when she married Luke. She didn’t know how she was going to tell Lulu about what happened. Bobbie arrived to see Laura thanked her for getting there so fast. Bobbie knew something was wrong with her. Laura told her about what happened to Luke. Bobbie said she heard about it. Bobbie stopped Laura from saying anymore. She called Luke, but he didn’t answer the phone.

Laura told Bobbie that Luke wouldn’t be able to answer. Laura didn’t want to believe it either. Bobbie broke down so they embraced. Bobbie thought what happened wasn’t an accident. She thought someone killed Luke. She said it was a senseless accident but no one was to blame. 

General Hospital 01-04-22 Recap 4th January 2022


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