General Hospital 01-05-22 Recap 5th January 2022

General Hospital 01-05-22 Recap 5th January 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 01-05-22,

Tracy asked Brook Lynn how she got the baby. She knew that Bailey wasn’t her child since she asked her to get a black market baby. Felicia and Anna talked about Maxie getting her baby. They wondered why she was hesitant to find her baby. Maxie went to the hospital to find out when Peter was going to be shipped to Pentonvillie. Britt and Austin told her that she shouldn’t be there. They said he would be shipped soon. She didn’t think it would be soon enough. Victor ran into Valentin and he wanted to talk to him about the child he lost. Martin arrived at the hospital to see Peter. Britt wanted to know why he was there. Peter said he wanted to hire Martin to prove he didn’t kill Franco.

Willow felt bad for keeping Sonny and Nina’s secret from Michael. He thought they should have some grace for keeping things from each other. She said the secret she kept didn’t have anything to do with Wiley. She said it had to do with two grown adults. He wanted to know what she was trying to say. Martin thought he could break a hole in the case against Peter. Peter was happy about that. Martin said that he had a mountain of charges against him. He wasn’t worried about the other charges right now. Felicia thought Maxie was in denial about Louise. Anna remembered how she felt when Robin was raising her daughter. Felicia felt that way when Mac raised her daughters without her. They didn’t understand how Maxie thought she would definitely see Louise again.

General Hospital 01-05-22 Recap 5th January 2022

Michael and Willow aren’t on the same page. Alexis doubts her abilities. Anna and Felicia share concerns about Maxie. Brook Lynn tries dodging suspicions. Victor approaches Valentin.

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Maxie didn’t want Martin to represent Peter, but he intended to do it anyway. Victor told Valentin that he wanted another granddaughter. Valentin told her that he wasn’t going to see Charlotte. He wanted to help him make Brook Lynn pay for what she did to him. He said they could work together and show her that she couldn’t mess with the Cassadines. Brook Lynn told Tracy that she found a mother who couldn’t afford her baby. She said that Valentin found out the truth and took the shares. Tracy said that she passed the baby off as Chase’s. She said she had to prove that she had a baby with him. She said she could have told the truth. Tracy wondered if the real mother was on board with the plan. She was afraid she kidnapped the baby.

Maxie met with Felicia and Anna. They wanted to talk to her about finding Louise. They said that everyone would help. Robert arrived to give them some bad news. He told them that Tracy said Luke was involved in a car crash. He said that Luke was gone. Austin wanted to know why Britt wanted to see Peter. He also wanted to know when was the last time she saw him. She said that she saw him when he killed Jason. Austin told her that it wasn’t a good look for her to go in his room. She told the guard that she wanted to monitor the patient. She went into his room and he wanted to know what she wanted. Tracy asked Brook Lynn if she stole the baby. She said that she didn’t steal the baby. Brook Lynn said that she needed to mind her business. Tracy said that she made this baby a Quartermain so it was her business. She wanted to know why she got Chase involved. She told her that Chase got involved on his own. Tracy wondered if she was involved with him.

Harmony went to see Willow. They talked about what happened during Nina’s hearing. Felicia, Anna and Maxie talked to Robert about Luke. He said Luke’s luck ran out on him. He said Luke was his best friend. Felicia wanted to know if Laura knew what happened. He said that she’s taking it badly. He said that Laura wanted to be left alone until she could process everything. Anna wanted to know how Tracy was doing. Maxie wanted to check on Tracy so Felicia offered to take her. Britt told Peter that Jason was dead because of him. He said the tunnel collapsed and that was beyond his control. She said he was the reason why they were on the island. She said she was glad she didn’t grow up with him and didn’t know they were related. She said he brings pain and suffering to everyone. She said he ruined Maxie’s life. She said that the baby was alone or could be dead because of him. He didn’t want her to say that. She was glad it was hard to hear that. Britt told him that she despised him. He reminded her that the police were still looking for the person who poisoned him. Britt said that she would have got it right if she did it. 

Willow and Harmony talked about whether Nina should be in Wiley’s life. Michael returned and wanted to know what they were talking about. Wiley told him they were talking about Nina. Harmony told Michael that he should listen to Willow. He wanted to know how it was any of her business. Martin met with Valentin to let him know that he was going to represent Peter. Austin wanted to know what happened when Britt talked to Peter. He wanted to know if she felt better for confronting Peter. She admitted that she felt better. Felicia and Maxie went to see Tracy. Tracy noticed Maxie’s reaction when she saw Bailey. Felicia asked Tracy if she was with Luke. Brook Lynn and Maxie left the room. Brook Lynn told Maxie that Tracy knew Bailey wasn’t hers. Felicia talked to Tracy about Maxie being around Bailey. She said it was rough for the family since they never met her. Felicia told her the baby was missing for seven months. Tracy realized that Brook Lynn and Maxie’s babies were the same age. She thought that was even worse for Maxie. Tracy looked at the bassinet. 

Maxie thought Tracy knew Bailey was Louise. Brook Lynn told her that Tracy knew she was faking her pregnancy. Maxie was afraid that Tracy would find out the truth. Brook Lynn said no one else figured it out. She said no one was as sneaky as Tracy. Victor walked up to Valentin and wanted to know if he thought about what he told him. He said they could work together to get what they wanted. Victor reminded Valentin that Brook Lynn lied to him. He wanted him to accept his help. Victor was about to walk away when Valentin stopped him. He wanted to know what he had in mind.

General Hospital 01-05-22 Recap 5th January 2022


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