General Hospital 01-06-22 Recap 6th January 2022

General Hospital 01-06-22 Recap 6th January 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 01-06-22,

Tracy complimented Brook Lynn on her parenting skills. She said that Felicia was worried that Maxie was using Bailey as a replacement for her baby. Brook Lynn didn’t see anything wrong with it. Tracy never thought she would see her maternal side. Brook Lynn said that people change. Tracy thought they were better at hiding who they really are.

Alexis and Sam talked about her working at The Intruder when Ned walked in the room. They told him about Alexis’ new job. He congratulated her. He let them know what happened to Luke. He said Tracy told him about Luke dying. He told them how Tracy took Luke’s death hard. They were surprised when Tracy arrived at the Metro Court. Ned reminded her that she was wanted by the police. Alexis wanted to write an article about privilege and abusing power. Tracy asked her if she wanted her to go to jail. She said she already in a house with Monica. Alexis started lecturing her and Tracy reminded her that she failed her way to the top. She thought she slept her way to the top. Ned made Tracy get away from them. Sam told Alexis that Tracy needed to pay for what she did.

General Hospital 01-06-22 Recap 6th January 2022

Dante seeks out Sonny. Sasha insists she knows how to best cope with her grief. Brook Lynn and Maxie discuss a new obstacle. Gladys comforts and reassures Brando. Tempers flare when Sam and Alexis confront an unexpected visitor.

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Ava went to see Nina to find out if it was true that the charges were dropped against her. Ava hugged Nina and asked what Scott pulled out of his hat to get the charges dropped. Nina didn’t take any pleasure in what happened. Ava was happy about it. Nina told her what happened at the hearing. Ava wished she were there to see it. She was happy to find out that Sonny told the truth on the stand. She was also shocked Carly walked out on Sonny. Ava knew it was hard for her to watch Sonny go after Carly. She looked at Nina’s face and wondered if there was more that happened. Nina admitted that Sonny was drunk last night. She said she got him to the penthouse safely. Ava wondered if she really loved Sonny. Nina said they were back in reality now. She said Sonny was torn between her and Carly.

Dante went to the penthouse to check on Sonny. He told Dante that nothing happened with Nina. He asked him if he wanted something to happen. Sonny said it would have been easy to have her stay with him and think about being in Nixon Falls. He said Carly brought him back to himself and he liked it. He said he wanted to get over Nina, but he couldn’t do it. Dante thought that Sonny’s relationship with Nina was real. Sonny said his love for his family was real. He told him about the dream he had about a blonde and knew it was Carly. He said what he had with Nina didn’t matter, but he had to make Carly see that. Dante thought he should tell Carly what he told him. Sam called Dante so he could meet her at the Metro Court so he could make an arrest.

Olivia went to see Carly and asked her about Nina getting away with the charges ago. Carly said that Nina was in love with Sonny and he felt the same way. Olivia made excuses for him. She said Sonny was wrong but Nina took advantage of Sonny. She wanted to know how Sonny reacted to her feelings for Jason. Carly said she bottled up her feelings when she chose Sonny. She said that he didn’t want to do the same thing with Nina. Olivia wanted to know if she could really expect Sonny to be there for her after everything that happened when she couldn’t say the same for herself. She asked her if she told Sonny how she really felt about Jason. Sonny arrived while they were talking. 

General Hospital 01-06-22 Recap 6th January 2022.


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