General Hospital 01-10-22 Recap 10th January 2022

General Hospital 01-10-22 Recap 10th January 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 01-10-22,

Laura told Sonny that Luke was dead. She didn’t know why she was taking it so hard. She said she couldn’t grieve with Bobbie and her family was gone. She noticed the glass on the floor and wondered what was going on with him. He didn’t want to talk about that. He wanted to talk about Luke. She knew she was with Luke a long time ago and she is different now. She said he was part of her life for a long time. Sonny assured her that he would be there if she needed him. She said she would be there for him too.

Laura and Sonny talked about Cyrus finding religion. She said it wasn’t her responsibility anymore. She wanted to know he was drinking alone. He said he messed up big time and he didn’t think he and Carly wouldn’t be able to fix it. He told her what happened in court and why he put off tell Carly the truth about Nina. He didn’t understand why no one believes that he wanted to leave the past behind him. She understood that but she said that infidelity wss hard to get over. He said he didn’t cheat. Laura wanted to know why he was protecting Nina. He told her that he had feelings for her. His feelings for Nina have him confused. He admitted that he still thoughts about Nixon Falls. He admitted tht he couldn’t keep things separate anymore. Laura left and Sonny got a call saying he’s out of lithium.

General Hospital 01-10-22 Recap 10th January 2022

Carly seeks answers. Sonny reunites with Laura. Amorous Curtis and Portia are interrupted. TJ makes his position clear. Trina unpacks her feelings about her friends before their trip.

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Marshall and TJ talked about the family. TJ realized that Curtis wanted him to go away.  Marshall told him that his meeting with Curtis didn’t go well. He couldn’t give him what he wanted. He said Curtis wouldn’t talk to him. Curtis walked in the room and smiled. His smile disappeared when he saw Curtis. He wanted to take TJ out for dinner. TJ got beeped and couldn’t go with him. He had to leave. Marshall knew Curtis had a questions.

Carly barged in Nina’ s office. She demanded to know what happened in Nixon Falls. She thought she seduced Sonny, but she assured her nothing happened. She accused Nina of trying to hold onto Sonny. Nina continued to defend herself. She accused Carly of driving Sonny to get drunk on New Year’s Eve. Carly realized that was something else Sonny kept from her. Nina assumed Carly was there to make sure Sonny wasn’t there after she spat in her face. She said she’s had it with her.

Carly called Nina out her name. Nina called her an idiot for turning her back on Sonny. She told her to get over herself. She warned her that Sonny wasn’t going to let her beat him up for much longer. She warned her that Sonny would turn to the woman he really loved. She said that she wouldn’t turn Sonny down if he came to her. Carly told her that her relationship with Sonny was an illusion. Nina told her it was real and the only reason they didn’t sleep together wss because she turned him down. Nina told her they both knew that what happened with Sonny could happen again. Carly slapped her. She told Nina that she better stay away from her husband. 

General Hospital 01-10-22 Recap 10th January 2022.


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