General Hospital 01-11-22 Recap 11th January 2022

General Hospital 01-11-22 Recap 11th January 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 01-11-22,

Curtis wanted answers from Marshall about where he’s been. Marshall told him that he was dealing with dangerous situations. Curtis assured him that he could take care of himself. Marshall wasn’t ready to open up yet. Curtis got frustrated and was about to leave. Marshall stopped him and told him that he had to leave before his family was put in danger. Marshall explained to Curtis how he and his mother had his brother. He said his music career was going well, but he got involved with the wrong people. He got mixed up with a shady character and he had to protect his family so he left town. He said that his plan worked because no one came after their family.

Curtis asked Marshall if the shady character was involved with the mob. Marshall believed he said enough. Curtis said he couldn’t keep his family safe if Marshall didn’t tell him what he wanted to know. He didn’t have anything else to say to him. He advised Curtis to leave it alone if he wanted to keep his family safe.

General Hospital 01-11-22 Recap 11th January 2022

Sonny makes a gesture of connection. Nina receives a surprise visitor at work. Curtis agrees to hear Marshall out. Britt and Austin feel out of their element. Maxie and Felicia take stock of what’s happened.

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Sonny asked Carly if she talked to her mother lately. She said she saw a voicemail from her. He told her what happened to Luke. She realized she should call her mother. Sonny said that Lucas gave her something to help her sleep. He advised her to check on Donna and Avery. Carly wanted him to stop acting as if her life wasn’t falling apart. He thought they would get through it and their lives weren’t falling apart. She told him about her conversation with Nina. She told him how Nina let her know that he almost slept with her. She said that Nina already told her that she was the one who stopped them so she didn’t want to hear what he had to say about a faceless blonde. He said she was focusing on things that didn’t happen. She said she put fear in her. She said he could go check on her if she wanted to do it. She thought he wanted to check on her. She let him know that she was going to bed. She didn’t want him there. She said she would leave if he was still there.

Nina held ice on her face when Willow arrived at her office. She apologized for what happened at the hearing and for accusing her sabotaging her on the stand. Nina said she didn’t have to apologize for anything. She wanted to apologize to Willow for involving her in her mess. Willow didn’t like how the situation was affecting Wiley. She wanted to avoid that if necessary. Willow offered to work on Michael if she was willing to give up her legal claim to Wiley. Nina thought she was there to do Michael’s dirty work. She said Michael didn’t know she was there. She said if she gave up her rights, that would go a long way with Michael. She would make sure that she didn’t lose her connection with Wiley.

Willow said that Nina would be able to help Sonny’s family get along again. She thought Nina should take the first step. Nina said she wasn’t evil like people said. She’s glad that Sonny sees that she’s not evil. Nina refused to give up her rights and let Michael turn her grandson against her.

General Hospital 01-11-22 Recap 11th January 2022.


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