General Hospital 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022

General Hospital 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 01-12-22,

Carly wasn’t happy when she saw Sonny at the house. She told him that she thought they agreed that he wouldn’t be there. He told her that she thought wrong. Tracy told Martin to get her out of jail. Ned tried to calm her down. Tracy didn’t like what Martin had to say so she fired him. Nina wanted Valentin to join forces with her. She said she made a new enemy. She said her enemy was his enemy. Carly thought Sonny didn’t respect her feelings. He said he wasn’t going to leave her marriage hanging. Carly told him how he did everything but sleep with her. He said that he remembered her and that’s why he didn’t go through with having sex with Nina. He wondered if that was enough for her.

Ned stopped Martin from leaving. Martin said that Tracy fired him. Ned said that she couldn’t fire him because he was the one who hired him. Tracy fired Ned too. He said she couldn’t fire him. Dante told them to figure things out. She didn’t think she should have been in jail. He told her that she might get the same type of sentence that Alexis got when she was in jail. Nina talked to Valentin about her issues with the Quartermaines. He wondered if she was targeting the entire family. She let him know that she only planned on going after one member. She wanted to go after Michael. Carly knew that Sonny loved her and that he loved her. Sonny wanted to know why they were sleeping in separate beds. He said their love stood the test of time. She said that she needed more than words. She needed time to understand why he didn’t think what Nina did wasn’t a crime. She needed time to figure out why he didn’t tell her that he still had feelings for Nina until he was on the stand. She told him that Nina let her know that he saw her on New Year’s Eve.

General Hospital 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022

Nina summons Valentin. Austin and Brook Lynn unexpectedly cross paths. Alexis and Sam look to the future. Ned tries to help with a legal matter. Carly surprises Olivia.

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Tracy said that Luke would have expected her to fight. Ned said that Luke rubbed off on her in a bad way. She refused to take any deal that would have her admit to guilt. Martin and Dante talked about Tracy. Martin said that Tracy was guilty. He wanted Dante to speak on Tracy’s behalf. Ned thought his mother was crazy. She said she had to take care of Luke’s personal affairs. She said she had to leave to take care of it until the charges were dropped against her. She said she wasn’t leaving town until they talked about his daughter. She said she wanted to talk about his granddaughter. Nina told Valentin that Michael would do anything to keep Wiley away from her. She said that she had rights to her grandson. Valentin reminded her that she’s going after the Quartermaines and the Corinthos families. She thought “Mike” would understand what she’s doing. He said “Mike” would understand, but Sonny wouldn’t understand it.

Carly told Sonny how he was with Nina on New Year’s Eve. He told her what happened with Nina. He wanted to know if it made her happy. She said that it didn’t make her happy. She hated feeling like their marriage was made on quicksand. She wanted to trust him the way she was able to before. She didn’t think she could do it. He said he was trying to be honest with her. He wanted to know if she wanted to end their marriage. Ned wanted to know what Tracy was going to say. She said she needed more information before she told him anything. He said she couldn’t drop a bomb like that and not tell him anything. She refused to say anything. Martin came back and told her the charges against Tracy were dropped. She thought it was too good to be true. She wanted to know how it happened. Alexis walked in the room and said she was the reason the charges were dropped. 

Valentin told NIna that he thought she kept the truth about Sonny from his family to get back at Carly. She said that was the reason she didn’t say anything at first. He wanted to know if she had feelings for him. She admitted that she did. They talked about moving on from each other. She thought they could work together without any complications. He told her that he wasn’t going to work with her because it’s a war with two families. She realized that he changed. Carly asked Sonny if he wanted to call it quits. He said he stayed in the guest room when she told him to leave. She said they needed to figure things out until they get it right. She said that Nina was there with them. He wanted to know if she really felt that way or was she using him as an excuse. He thought her feelings were gone and they left when Jason died. 

Alexis said she wasn’t going to testify so the district attorney wouldn’t have a case. Carly reminded Sonny how she and Jason told him everything. She didn’t think he should compare what she did to what he did. She said Jason was going to be a memory. He was part of her past. She said as long as Nina was alive their marriage was done. He thought it was a threat. She told him that she wasn’t going to risk losing her kids for Nina. She said she had to kill her in his heart or they wouldn’t be able to move on with their lives. She said that she was going to leave because she didn’t want the girls to deal with their daddy leaving again. She walked away from him.

General Hospital 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022.


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