General Hospital 01-13-22 Recap 13th January 2022

General Hospital 01-13-22 Recap 13th January 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 01-13-22,

Carly wasn’t happy when she saw Sonny at the house. She told him that she thought they agreed that he wouldn’t be there. He told her that she thought wrong. Tracy told Martin to

Brook Lynn told Chase that her grandmother knew the truth about Bailey. She told him that Tracy suggested she take the baby out of the country to keep her away from Peter. Chase didn’t want to do that to Maxie. She didn’t either so they had to come up with another plan to keep Peter from finding out the truth. Chase suggested that she move in with him. She didn’t think his place was big enough. He told her they could find something bigger. She liked the idea.

Drew was waiting for someone, but Victor showed up. He went off because of Jason dying. Sam arrived while Drew was yelling at Victor. She warned him not to waste his freedom going after Victor. Drew told him that he’s just as much to blame as Peter was for his kidnapping. He warned Victor that if he twitched wrong, he would wish he were dead. Drew and Sam walked off so they could be alone. He wanted to talk to her about his shares at ELQ. She told him about the deal she made with Valentin after what happened with Shiloh. She said the deal was contingent on his death. She believed he could get his shares back. He thought the family would be happy about it. He said he would let her know. She let him know that she was glad he was back home.

General Hospital 01-13-22 Recap 13th January 2022

While Anna talks to Maxie, Felicia goes to GH seeking information. Drew and Victor come face to face. Valentin and Austin compare notes. Brook Lynn and Chase tackle a new challenge. Britt gains a new understanding of Brad.

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Anna met with Maxie. She wanted to talk to her because of her reaction to Louise and Peter. She told Maxie that she and her mother wanted to help her find Louise. Maxie felt the trail on Louise was cold. Anna wanted to know if she remembered anything else that happened. She said she told the police everything she knew. She said Peter had a lead. Anna told her that he was bluffing. Anna said everything about the case led to her and Austin since they were the last to see Louise. Maxie wanted to excuse herself.

Victor sat with Anna and wanted to know what was wrong with Maxie. She told him that it wasn’t any of his business. He remembered Peter demanded Maxie and the baby in exchange for information on how to control Drew. Maxie came back to the table and heard what Victor said to Anna. She wanted to know what info he had about her baby. He told her that Peter was determined to get Louise. Maxie said that would never happen. She would do anything to protect her daughter. Victor left the table.

Anna told Maxie that Victor confirmed that Peter didn’t have Louise or know where she was. Anna wanted to go back to where Maxie gave birth. She wanted to go where she lost Louise. Maxie agreed to go with her. She wanted to take Austin too in case he remembered something too.

Victor was looking for Valentin and ran into Austin. Victor wondered what made him suspect that Brook Lynn was lying about the baby’s paternity. He told him that Brook Lynn is a manipulator and only thinks about herself. They kept talking and Austin mentioned Maxie to him. Victor caught on to it and said he admired her courage. Austin said Maxie was differemt from Brook Lynn. He couldn’t believe they were friends.

Felicia went to see Peter. She demanded info about where her granddaughter was. He called her out for abandoning her children for a life of fun and adventure. She admitted that she made mistakes in the past. He said what she was doing was a pathetic attempt to make up for failing her children. He said he would never do that to Louise. Felicia blamed him for why she’s missing. He wanted to know what she would do if she could lead her to Louise. She didn’t believe he knew anything. She said he was a liar just like his father. She hoped he ended up just like him. 

General Hospital 01-13-22 Recap 13th January 2022.


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