General Hospital 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022

General Hospital 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 01-14-22,

Carly told Michael that she moved out of the mansion. He wondered if she took the kids with her. She didn’t want to uproot their lives. She wanted to know if he talked to Sonny yet. He said he didn’t. Sonny walked in the room so Michael said he would call her back. Ava was surprised that Nina wanted Martin to help her with Wiley. She said she was talking about her options with Wiley. Ava asked her if she was sure she wanted to start this war. She asked Nina if she and Michael could work things out. She said Carly wouldn’t allow it.

Sonny wanted to talk to Michael about things. Sonny said that he didn’t want to find out about Nina on the stand. He said their relationship was over. He didn’t care about that. He didn’t like the pained look on his mother’s face when it was revealed. Laura had to play referee with Nikolas and Spencer. They argued over Nikolas giving Ava control of his money. Brad admitted to Britt that he was the one who poisoned Peter. She couldn’t believe he did it. She said he wasn’t a killer. He did it because his aunt made him do it in order to get him out of prison. She said she had leverage over him now. Dante arrived at Britt’s office to get information about Peter.

General Hospital 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022

Michael articulates his feelings. Laura initiates a family meeting. Drew offers a listening ear. Ava finds Nina in the midst of a complicated conversation. Dante tries to keep the peace.

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Dante wanted Britt to make sure that Peter could get transferred to another hospital. He wanted to make sure everything was checked off. She was going to look at his info and call him. Dante wanted to know about Brad getting close with Serena. He didn’t think it was a good idea for Brad to get close to a mob boss when he’s on parole. Britt told Dante that his brother was the one threatening people. Dante wondered if Brad wanted to file a complaint. Brad didn’t want to do that. He wanted to move on with his life.

Spencer told Nikolas that he kept forgetting that he’s an adult and makes his own money. He said he would be able to save up for his own place. Laura reminded him that he had to spend 30 days in jail. She thought it would be better to go to Spring Ridge if he had his entire family by his side. She asked Nikolas if they could make up before he went to prison. Nikolas wanted that too. He said he missed him. Spencer said he missed it too. Esme walked in while they were talking. He told her what happened. She wanted to know if that’s what he wanted. He wasn’t sure what he wanted. She refused to let his family gang up on him.

Nina told Ava what Willow said to her. Ava told Nina that she couldn’t give up her rights to Wiley. She said that she couldn’t ask for her rights back. Ava wanted her to listen to Martin. Nina said she was willing to go to court so she could see Wiley. Ava said she was going on the offensive and wanted to know if she was ready for that. Nina said she couldn’t wait for Michael to soften. She wanted to see Wiley now. Ava wanted to know if Nina could win. He said it was a risky victory and he wanted to make sure she was ready for it.

Drew found Carly and they talked. She wanted to know about Scout. He said that he had a lot to learn about her. Sonny talked to Michael about what happened when he came home. Michael said that Nina lied to them for months. He couldn’t believe that he thought Nina wasn’t wrong. Sonny said he understood. Michael didn’t think he did or he wouldn’t have stood up for her at the hearing. Spencer said Esme was the only one who was there for him. Nikolas said that he was trying to be there for him too. Laura wanted to make things right with them. He reminded him about how he loved him when he let him think he was dead.

Carly told Drew that she and Sonny were having problems. She said she moved out of the mansion. Nina was willing to give the case some thought. Martin thought it was a good idea to do that. She said she would be in touch with him. Ava thought it was some conversation with Willow for her to want to take legal action. Nina told her about her conversation with Carly. She told Ava that she didn’t hold back. She told her that she would have made love to Sonny if she didn’t stop it. Brad talked to Britt about how Selena was acting towards him. He didn’t know how to distance himself without offending her. He said that people who offend her disappear.

Ava couldn’t believe she told Nina that Sonny wanted to have sex with her. She said Carly kept trying to get under her skin. Ava wanted to know if she talked to Sonny. She said that she hadn’t talked to him since New Year’s Eve. Ava thought Sonny was still in love with her and that’s why Carly went to her. Sonny continued to defend himself to Michael. He wanted to be there for the family. Michael said if he wanted to be there, he would have sent Nina to prison. They started arguing when Dante showed up. Carly told Drew that she couldn’t stay in the house with Sonny. She wanted to put the kids first. Drew thought it was great that she’s putting the kids first. He said he had to do what he had to do. She didn’t want to break up her family. He advised her to trust his instincts. Nina wondered if she could be with Sonny. Ava warned her that she couldn’t be with him if she goes after custody of Wiley.

General Hospital 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022.


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