General Hospital 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022

General Hospital 05-17-22 Recap 17th May 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 05-18-22,

Curtis went to see Portia at the hospital. She started crying and said she was glad to see him. She told him about the Title 9 Investigation. She told him that she was afraid for Trina. He assured her that they would get through it. He told her that he was going after Marshall. He realized he couldn’t go because of the Title 9 Investigation. She wanted to know why he suddenly wanted to go after Marshall. She windered if Stella told him something. He told her that Marshall wasn’t the only one lying to him. 


General Hospital 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022

Sonny and Brando reconnect about the challenges of family at the garage. Portia opens up to Curtis about her apprehension about Trina’s situation. TJ and Molly go to Brooklyn in hopes of tracking Marshall down. Gladys confronts Sasha with the pill bottle. Brook Lynn and Chase’s close moment is interrupted by an unwelcomed arrival.

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Curtis told Portia that his mother and Aunt Stella knew his father was alive. They allowed him and Tommy to grieve someone who wasn’t dead. Portia told him that Stella probably thought she was doing the right thing. She thought Stella and his mother were trying to protect him. Curtis wondered why she didn’t tell him when he was older. She said that Stella might not have thought Marshall was going to come back. She wondered of he ever kept something from someone and should have told them something sooner. She told him to go after Marshall because Trina’a trial wasn’t for another 10 days. He didn’t know where to look for him.
Sonny told Brando about his relationship with Michael. Brando was surprised that they haven’t made up yet. He told Brando that he tried to get along with Michael. Brando assured him that he and Michael would make up. Sonny told him that Michael was targeted him. He knew Michael was forgiving to a point. He said that Michael becomes hard headed. Brando said Michael wouldn’t be the man he is today if it weren’t for him. 
Gladys confronted Sasha about the drugs. Sasha admitted that shs needed help to get over Liam’s death. Gladys wanted to know if she was high the night that Harmony. She told her that she wasn’t high. She said she needed help after Liam’s death. She felt like she was being watched 24 hours and everyone was waiting for her to crack.


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