General Hospital 05-19-22 Recap 19th May 2022

General Hospital 05-19-22 Recap 19th May 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 05-19-22,

Carly was at the hospital to check on the DNA test results, but they weren’t  ready. Bobbie overheard her talking and wanted to know about the tests. Carly assured her that she was fine. She said the tests were standard. Bobbie changed the subjeçt and talked about the story in the paper about the hearing. She was afraid the story was going to push Nina to Sonny because he loves to help women in distress. She thought if Nina stayed in Sonny’s life, they would never get back together. Carly didn’t plan on getting back together. Bobbie thought there was a chance they would get back together.
Carly said she tried to fight for her marriage. She said Sonny kept Nina tied to him so she divorced him. Bobbie wondered if she wanted revenge on Nina. She said she would never get over what Nina did to her. She thought the article will make the judge rule against Nina. Bobbie wanted to know if the judge ruled in Nina’s favor. She planned to do whatever it took to protect her family. 


General Hospital 05-19-22 Recap 19th May 2022

Bobbie overhears when Carly arrives at GH to pick up the test results, and has questions. As Nina has an uncomfortable encounter at The Savoy, Sonny arrives. Stella drops in on Portia and Epiphany at GH, and they all decide to take the evening in a different direction. Finn, Laura, and Kevin have a fraught interaction with Elizabeth. Gregory and Violet enjoy each other’s company at Kelly’s.

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Nina was at the Savoy having when she was approached by a man who knew her. He called her a mafia homewrecker. He wanted to know if she was the new mafia boss’ wife. Sonny saw him and asked if he had a problem with her then he had one with him. The man apologized and ran off. Sonny joined Nina at her table. She asked him how things were going with Michael. He said Dante was trying to help them get along. He said he didn’t think they will be okay for a while after that article comes out. He told her that Michael was trying to take him down. He refused to let Michael tear down what he built. 
Nina told Sonny was right not to let Michael take him down. He thanked her for believing in him. He said he was going to the hearing, but Michael made it clear he didn’t want anything from him. He thought that freed him up to support her. Nina didn’t want him to do anything to ruin his relationship with Michael any worse than it is. He said it was time to tell his side of the story since he was the one who suffered because of her actions. Bobbie and Carly arrived at the Savoy and saw them together.


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