General Hospital 05-23-22 Recap 23rd May 2022

General Hospital 05-23-22 Recap 23rd May 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 05-23-22,

Finn told Chase that Liz was the one who stalked herself. Kevin walked up on them to see if he could shed some light on her situation. He said he was going to talk to Elizabeth to find out the cause of her sleepwalking. Chase wanted to know how long Liz had to stay at the hospital. Finn said that she only had to stay to see if something was wrong with her. Finn went into Liz’s room. She assured him that she was fine. She wasn’t going to feel better until she knew for sure what was wrong with her. He assured her that she wouldn’t hurt her boys. She said tell that to taste.

Maxie suggested that Nina not go for the jugular with Michael. Nina said she tried to compromise with Michael, but he wouldn’t listen. Sonny told Dante that he was testifying for Nina. Dante didn’t think that was a good idea. He thought that Michael would be upset. Dante said Michael had every right to protect his son from Nina’s lies. Sonny said that Michael was punishing him for what happened with his mother. Carly ran into Brad and Britt. He wanted to talk to her about Wiley, but she had nothing to say to him. He said that he loved Wiley. She didn’t care if he loved him or not. She was finished with him.


General Hospital 05-23-22 Recap 23rd May 2022

Dante expresses his misgivings about Sonny’s decision. Carly doesn’t react well to being confronted at yoga. Britt asks Brad if he likes his working situation. Elizabeth gets closer to learning the truth about the disturbances.

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Ned made comments about Drew and Michael trying to oust him from the company. Drew explained what they were doing. Ned said that he would be the best one to run the company because he’s been there long than them. Drew said that He wouldn’t let him be CEO. Teri told Liz her test results were back. Sonny told Dante that he wanted to help Michael, but he rejected him. He didn’t want to help him anymore. Dante told him to listen to himself. He said that he and Michael were alike. He warned him that they would be finished for good if they didn’t fix his behavior.

Michael and Willow overheard Nina saying that Sonny was going to be a character witness for her. Teri told Liz that she didn’t have any reason why she was sleepwalking. Liz didn’t like how there was no reason why she did the things she did. Brad tried to convince Carly to let Nina see her grandson. She refused to back down. Dante told Sonny that he was making a mistake by testifying for Nina. Sonny reminded him that Michael tried to take him down. He didn’t think he should just turn the other cheek. Dante said that he was risking losing Michael and Wiley. Michael and Willow were upset when Nina said that Sonny was testifying for her. Nina told him that Sonny got tired of him treating him badly so he gave up. Michael wasn’t happy about it. Willow told Nina that Wiley didn’t need Nina. Nina said she tried to be reasonable, but they wouldn’t let her see Wiley. Maxie tried to play peacemaker but Michael put her in her place by asking if she would have let Peter see her daughter if he weren’t killed.

Kevin talked to Liz about what triggered her sleepwalking. Finn said that there’s no way she would harm her children. Nina hit below the belt when she told Willow that Harmony wasn’t her mother. Michael reminded her that she kept his family from Sonny. She said she apologized for doing that. Maxie pulled Nina aside and warned her not to say anything to ruin her chances of seeing Wiley. 


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