General Hospital 05-26-22 Recap 26th May 2022

General Hospital 05-26-22 Recap 26th May 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 05-26-22,

Sonny was sworn in at court. Scott asked him about his relationship with Nina. Sonny told him how his relationship with Nina was like in Nixon Falls. He admitted that she kept him from his family, but she wasn’t the only one who did. He said when she arrived in Nixon Falls he didn’t want to know who he was. He said he forgave her for what she did. Scott asked him if he thought Nina should be kept from Wiley’s life. Sonny said that was for Michael and Willow to decide. Scott wanted to know what he thought. Sonny thought Nina should be in Wiley’s life. 

Scott didn’t have any more questions for Sonny. Carly leaned toward Michael and said she was sorry. Michael knew it would happen. Diane cross-examined Sonny. She asked him if Sonny knew he had children or a family that loved him. He didn’t know he did. She asked him if he knew would he have changed his mind about being found. He said it might have made a difference. Diane said Nina harmed him as well as the family who grieved him. 

General Hospital 05-26-22 Recap 26th May 2022

Testimony at the visitation hearing takes sharp turn as Michael testifies. When Nikolas approaches Ava, Victor stays to chaperone. Spencer sees Trina and Rory together. Amy eavesdrops as a preoccupied Chet has news for Terry.

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Diane asked Sonny if he was upset that Nina kept him from his family. He said he was at first, but he got past it. Diane said his children couldn’t get over it. She mentioned how Nina kidnapped Avery and took her to Canada. She said her accomplice was Franco. Sonny said Nina wasn’t well. He reminded Diane that he had a lot of breakdowns. He felt that Nina will have to pay for her mistakes just like he would. Diane reminded him that he wasn’t the only victim. She told him that his family were victims. She wanted to know why the judge would trust his word about Nina. Scott thought that was out of line. She said she meant he had a head injury and it might have impaired his judgment. Sonny stepped down from the stand. Carly rolled her eyes at him as he walked by her. 
Michael was the next to get on the stand. Scott let him know that the hearing was about morals and character. He wanted to ask him what happened between him and Claudia Zacchara.



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