General Hospital 09-23-22 Recap 23rd September 2022

General Hospital 09-23-22 Recap 23rd September 2022

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 09-23-22,

Carly tried to make Michael feel better about the hearing. She told him that Scott distorted his past. Michael realixed that Wiley would find out about the things he did. He was afraid that Wiley would hate all of them. She said Wiley would see that his parents were flawed just like he did with Sonny. She told him that he did great on the stand. She didn’t think the judge would rule in Nina’s favor. 

Willow approached Nina and wanted to know what she wanted. Willow was mad that Nina allowed Scott to attack Michael on the stand. She was upset that he made it seem like Michael was a kidnapper and an abuser. Nina told her that Scott presented facts. Willow told her that Nelle put her dead son in Michael’s arm. 

General Hospital 09-23-22 Recap 23rd September 2022.

General Hospital 09-23-22 Recap 23rd September 2022 Elizabeth finds a shocking clue to her past. Valentin improvises. Lucy presses Victor for answers. Nikolas seeks Alexis’s advice.Sonny offers comfort.

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Carly and Michael heard Willow yelling at Nina. They decided to head back to the courtroom. Willow said Nelle was bad because she inherited it from Nina and Madeline. Nina said it was too bad that Harmony wasn’t there to tell her about who or what she came from. Willow lashed out at Nina. She told her that she wasn’t worthy of Wiley. Willow promised to protect Wiley from her. Nina said she wouldn’t hurt Wiley. Willow told her that she did and wouldn’t let her do it again. 
Nina appreciated what Willow was doing for Wiley, but she said she was looking out for him too. Willow told her to drop the lawsuit. Nina refused to do that. Willow told her that she didn’t have a heart. Michael and Willow walked away from Nina. Carly told them she would catch up with them because she wanted to do something. 
Scott and Diane came out of the judge’s chambers. The judge returned to the courtroom. Diane called Willow to the stand. She asked her why she opposed the petition. Willow didn’t think Nina had Wiley’s best intetest at heart. She didn’t think sharing DNA entitled her to seeing Wiley. She told Diane that Nina was responsible for Wiley’s grandparents breaking up. She said that Nina allowed her lawyer to attack Wiley’s father. She said Nina didn’t care how that would impact Wiley. Willow didn’t want anyone in Wiley’s life who didn’t put him first.
Scott was about to cross examine Willow when Nina stopped him.