General Hospital 10-10-19 Recap 10th October 2019

General Hospital 10-10-19
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General Hospital 10-10-19 Recap 10th October 2019

General Hospital 10-10-19, Nina talked to Jax about what happened at the wedding. She said she didn’t know what to believe about Valentin and Sasha. Jax thought she had a right to know who knew about it. She saw how she had missed calls on her phone. She said she should leave Jax’s place. He wanted her to stay there. She wanted to face what was going on.

General Hospital 10-10-19 Recap 10th October 2019

General Hospital 10-10-19

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Laura, Lulu and Charlotte had lunch together. Charlotte wanted to know why Lulu ruined the wedding. Lulu wouldn’t answer her. Charlotte wanted to see Nina. Lulu and Charlotte went to look in Nina’s office.

Laura met with Hayden and Curtis. Laura told them about Helena’s picture. She told them about the clues within the painting pointing to the codicil being on Spoon Island.

Jason and Sam were glad that everything was over. He told her about Peter being on the docks with money. Jason said Peter lied about the money.

Maxie and Peter talked about Sasha and who knew about the lie. Charlotte and Lulu walked in while they were talking about it. Charlotte heard that Sasha wasn’t Nina’s daughter. Maxie asked Peter to leave them alone.

Lulu told Charlotte that Sasha wasn’t Nina’s daughter. Peter got a call from his goon. The goon wanted Peter’s help because the commissioner was asking questions. Peter told him to do what he said.

Sasha told Michael that she felt bad for what she did to Nina and Charlotte. He told her to face the music. He said to put it behind her. She didn’t think there was a point. He told her to go home. He said he would be by her side.

Obrecht told Valentin that she warned him that this would blow up. She said it could ruin her relationship with Nina, Maxie and her grandson. Obrecht realized that Sasha only confessed to her part in the lie. Obrecht said she didn’t mention their role in it. Obrecht wanted to make sure Sasha didn’t tell about them.

Laura went to Wyndemere and asked Valentin for Helena’s painting. He said he threw it out. Laura was upset. He wanted to know why she cared. She said the painting was for Nikolas and now it was Spencer’s. She told him he would regret what he did.

An FBI agent wanted to speak to Sam about Shiloh’s death. He wanted to look at the evidence. He told her to stay in town. The man who helped Shiloh get away was willing to talk to the police. He said Sam hired him to break Shiloh out.

General Hospital 10-10-19 Recap 10th October 2019.


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