General Hospital 10-15-19 Recap 15th October 2019

General Hospital 10-15-19
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General Hospital 10-15-19 Recap 15th October 2019

General Hospital 10-15-19, Diane told Sam and Jason that Sam was going to Pentonville. A police officer came in and got Sam ready to go to Pentonville. Jason wanted to know how they were going to help Sam. Diane said it wouldn’t be easy with the feds involved and her past crimes.

Diane said she was going to try and get Sam in county lock up because her connection to Jason would put Sam in danger. Sam and Jason had a moment together. Jason told her that it might take a while to fix this situation. Sam was concerned about the kids. He said the kids would be okay. He said he would talk to them.

General Hospital 10-15-19 Recap 15th October 2019

General Hospital 10-15-19

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Finn ran into Alexis. He talked to her about Hayden. He told Alexis that he thought Hayden was lying to him. He told her about Hayden’s dog. He wondered if Hayden had their baby. Alexis thought he should ask Hayden for the truth.

Obrecht wondered if she could write her column somewhere else. He asked if she was leaving because of Sasha. Obrecht said she was innocent, but people would think she was involved. She said she would be watching him even though she was leaving. She said if he changed back to his old ways, she would expose him.

Jax told Hayden about Valentin and Nina’s wedding. Hayden wanted to find the codicil right away. He wanted to know if it was because of Finn. She he was getting suspicious. Jax said she was depriving Finn of his daughter. She said Finn didn’t know what he was missing. She said she needed to leave town.

Nina couldn’t believe Valentin was going to leave without an explanation. She wanted to know where he was going. He said he was taking Charlotte to Greece. He said staying in town would hurt Charlotte. Nina asked how he could let Charlotte love a liar. He said finding her daughter was the only way he could get her back. He said he tried to find her on his own, but couldn’t. He said he hired Curtis.

Valentin told Nina that Curtis found Sasha through a lawyer. Valentin said he thought Sasha was her daughter. He said he wanted to believe it because it would have been the answer to his prayers. He said he never met the lawyer. He said he should have questioned what was going on.

Valentin told Nina that he didn’t think Sasha was a bad person. He said she was down on her luck. He apologized to her for his part in breaking her heart. He cried and said all he wanted was to love her. When he was about to leave, she stopped him. She said she believed him. She said he messed up, but it was Sasha who messed up. She said she forgave him.

General Hospital 10-15-19 Recap 15th October 2019.


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