General Hospital 10-16-19 Recap 16th October 2019

General Hospital 10-16-19
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General Hospital 10-16-19 Recap 16th October 2019

General Hospital 10-16-19, Julian asked Alexis if she called off Olivia’s attack. He showed her a flyer attacking him. Alexis said she didn’t think it was Olivia. She said it might be one of his other enemies. He didn’t think so. Kendra showed up and talked about the supplements Alexis was taking. Alexis said the doctor said they were okay.

Kendra went to Kiefer’s grave. She thought about Shiloh telling her that Alexis killed him. Kendra said it was payback time. She opened up the supplements and poured something in it.

General Hospital 10-16-19 Recap 16th October 2019

General Hospital 10-16-19

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Maxie and Lulu saw Valentin and Nina together. Lulu wanted Maxie to do something. Maxie didn’t want to. Maxie said Lulu made a mess of things. Lulu said she had good intentions in exposing Sasha. Maxie said Lulu ruined Nina’s dreams. Lulu said it didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to, but her conscience was clear. Maxie thought it should have stayed a secret.

Lulu reminded Maxie of the secret she kept when she was her surrogate. Lulu said it would have been worse if the secret was kept any longer.

Nina and Valentin talked about their reunion. He said he didn’t care why she was back. He was glad that she came back to him. He said they could get married at City Hall.

Chase arrived to arrest Sasha for fraud and identity theft. Nina said she was the reason why Sasha was arrested. Valentin didn’t like that. Nina wanted to know why he was upset about it. He said he didn’t want her to drown in negativity. He said he wanted her to be happy with him and Charlotte.

At the police station, Chase told Michael why he arrested Sasha. Chase said he was going to Nelle’s hearing. Chase said he would do what he could to keep Nelle in prison.

Michael told Sasha to make a deal. He said it was her freedom for Valentin’s role in what happened. Alexis showed up to represent Sasha. Alexis wanted Nina there, but needed Michael to leave. Michael thanked Alexis for her help and left.

Alexis asked Sasha what part did Valentin play in her deception. Sasha refused to give him up. Nina showed up at the station. Alexis tried to convince her to drop the charges against Sasha. If Nina dropped the charges, she couldn’t sue Sasha for damages. Nina yelled at both of them.

Michael went to confront Valentin. Michael threatened him. He wanted Valentin to get Nina to drop the charges against Sasha. Michael said he would make sure he go down for it.

Martin met with Nelle. She was convinced she would go free. He said it could take a while for an inmate to get released. Brad and Chase showed up for the hearing.

Martin read a statement on Nelle’s behalf. Nelle said she was responsible for everything she did. She talked about her good behavior and the loss of her son. Nelle said she would be a good citizen. She said prison made her a better person. When she was done, the parole board said they couldn’t recommend parole.

Martin told Nelle that no one got parole on the first try. He said she had to keep improving herself to impress two board members to go free. He said it could take years.

General Hospital 10-16-19 Recap 16th October 2019.


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