General Hospital 10-17-19 Recap 17th October 2019

General Hospital 10-17-19
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General Hospital 10-17-19 Recap 17th October 2019

General Hospital 10-17-19, Laura and Kevin talked about Helena’s painting and whether it had the clues they needed. Kevin told Laura that he had to go check on Franco at Shadybrook. Jason talked to Sonny about Bryce being the same who attacked Andre. Jason thought Drew’s plane crash was linked to what happened to Andre.

General Hospital 10-17-19 Recap 17th October 2019

General Hospital 10-17-19

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Kim went to see Franco and told him that Drew’s plane went down and he was declared dead. She thought that Drew didn’t have to die if his session with the doctor went well. Kevin showed up to see Franco. Kevin wanted to know if he knew the consequences of not getting treatment and how that affects his family. Kevin let him know that he couldn’t be Drew because he was dead. Franco didn’t seem to believe that. He thought he could be who he is. Kevin asked him who he was because he’s in Franco’s body. Franco didn’t want to change. Kevin decided to leave.

Scott and Liz talked about the upcoming trial. Franco’s lawyer wanted to call Monica to testify. Scott didn’t think that would be good for them. Kim ran into Janice and talked about whether she could be reinstated at the hospital. Cameron saw Kim and wanted to talk to her. He told her how he knew she missed Oscar, but being obsessed with Franco won’t bring her son back. He expressed how much Franco meant to him and his brothers. Liz overheard them talking.

Lucas talked to Brad about being at Nelle’s parole hearing and keeping it from him. He told Lucas that she was his friend and he wanted to be there for her. Lucas felt like he was lying to him the way he did before. He questioned what else he lied to him about. Lucas brought up how he’s seeing a therapist. Brad told him that he was worried that he would mess things up with him and their son. Lucas just wanted him to be honest with him.

Jason went to see Bryce at Pentonville. He told him that he made a mistake, but he could help him. Jason wanted info about who got Shiloh out. He told him that Andre identified him as his attacker. Jason encouraged him to give up Peter as his employer. Bryce wanted to talk to his lawyer and see what deal he could get.

General Hospital 10-17-19 Recap 17th October 2019.


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