General Hospital 10-19-21 Recap 1t9h October 2021

General Hospital 10-19-21 Recap 19th October 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 10-19-21,

Robert and Anna went to the dock. She said she wasn’t shooting to kill. He said he would be. When Valentin and Drew came over to the bridge, Peter shot Valentin in the stomach. Valentin went over to Anna. Drew was shot and fell in the water.

Valentin told Anna that Obrecht had to be rescued. She said she wouldn’t leave him. She wanted him to talk about Charlotte so he could stay awake. He asked her to tell his children that he loved them and how he died. Robert said the WSB was sending a helicopter.

Victor told Sam and Dante that Drew was under Peter’s power. Dante said he wanted to help with the search. They looked for Obrecht, but they couldn’t find her. Dante found a syringe in her cell. He thought she didn’t leave on her own.

General Hospital 10-19-21 Recap 19th October 2021

Anna comes to Valentin’s aid. Sam and Dante make a discovery. Curtis and Portia are surreptitiously watched by a mysterious man. Nikolas and Ava celebrate at The Savoy. Jason and Britt learn disturbing news.

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General Hospital 10-19-21 Recap 19th October 2021


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