General Hospital 10-2-19 Recap 2nd October 2019

General Hospital 10-2-19
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General Hospital 10-2-19 Recap 2nd October 2019

General Hospital 10-2-19, Laura told Kevin and Lulu that she and Kevin would be babysitting at Wyndemere because Charlotte wanted to wake up there on the day of the wedding. Lulu left to go to the bachelorette party. Kevin wanted to know why they were really going to Wyndemere. Laura said it had to do with Spencer.

Maxie asked Peter about his apartment search. She asked if they should look together. When he didn’t answer, she thought he didn’t think he deserved it. She said he was a hero. She told him to go to the bachelor party.

General Hospital 10-2-19 Recap 2nd October 2019

General Hospital 10-2-19

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At Wyndemere, Charlotte wanted to play a game. Laura suggested hide and seek. Charlotte said the trophy room was her favorite room. She said it was better now that Helena’s picture was gone. Laura sent her upstairs to do her homework.

Laura and Kevin talked about Helena. Laura told him that she knew Spencer was involved. She wondered how he knew about the codicil. Kevin told her to hurry up and help Charlotte so she could look around. Kevin looked at Helena’s picture. He said he saw something.

Michael, Curtis and Finn showed up at Valentin’s bachelor party. They questioned why they were there when they hated the groom. Michael brought up Donna. The guys toasted to Donna.

The women got together for Nina’s bachelorette party. They had to wait because it was double book. Maxie was upset because they had dinner reservations after they left the spa. The steam room was overbooked.

At the Floating Rib, Peter thanked the guys for coming to the party. There was a storm so they came inside. Valentin asked Michael about Sasha. Michael said it was none of his business. Michael brought up being honest and protecting the people they loved.

The women ended up at the bachelor party. Sasha and Michael talked about her secret. He warned her about Valentin because he knows Michael knows. Obrecht questioned Finn about Anna and Hayden. Obrecht saw Sasha and told her that Nina must never know that Sasha wasn’t her daughter. Lulu overheard them.

General Hospital 10-2-19 Recap 2nd October 2019.


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